Last week, we carried a story on how Land Rover had slashed prices of its SUVs, across the range. Now it seems that other British car marques are also following suit. Prices of other British car manufacturers, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Bentley have also seen a reduction in prices. Why? Last year, Britain decided […]

Tyres are the most important part of the car, something that most people don’t understand. It is the single point of contact between you and the road. Old tyres need to be replaced for the following reasons. Bursts are easier As the tyre gets older, it is more prone to bursting. Why? Firstly, they loose […]

Not being careful on the road can have a tragic aftermath and here is extreme proof. In an incident that happened at Kotkapura, Punjab, two youths lost their lives in a horrible accident. The gruesome episode was captured on CCTV. What exactly happened? In the video, we can see a parked Maruti 800 on the […]

If you’re young, you’ll probably know what twerking is. And for those of you who don’t, twerking essentially refers to a woman dancing to a popular song in a sexually provocative manner. And when someone twerks on a public road with traffic, things can go wrong, very wrong. What’s happening here? This just happened in […]

Stray animals on Indian roads contribute to many accidents. Here’s one more such incident involving a high-end Jaguar luxury sedan and a buffalo. What happened here? The Jaguar XF in question was on a highway near Shimoga. Close to a place called Ayanur, a buffalo strayed onto the road. The driver couldn’t stop the car […]

Lowrider Jeeps are quite popular abroad. In India though, our road conditions make them rare. Yet, there are a few people crazy, and cool enough to build such jeeps. Here are 10 of them. Dabwali Jeeps This example from the northern part of India looks badass. The vehicle is painted in black, and this accentuates […]

Here are five more crazy cool low rider Jeeps from India Tractor lowrider The modification job based on the Mahindra Thar. The silver coloured vehicle gets extremely huge, tractor wheel treads. The minimalistic job done¬†to the vehicle includes auxiliary¬†lamps mounted on the off-road spec bumper. The exhaust pipe has been modified into a vertical one, […]

Years after launch, the Lodgy remains a slow seller despite Renault placing it in the sweet spot between the Ertiga and the mighty Innova. So, Renault has decided that an update may perk up sales. It’s called the Stepway, and we were invited to Mumbai, for a night drive to experience it Looks the part? […]

The Toyota Innova Crysta MPV is the safest in its segment, with 7 airbags, ESP, traction control and a lot of other safety equipment working to keep the occupants safe and sound. Yet, a car is only safe as its driver wants it to be. And this massive Innova Crysta crash proves just that. What […]

Who else could it be, but the top car and bike enthusiast in the entire Bollywood, John Abraham! John Abraham’s Nissan GT-R makes him the owner of the most powerful car in the Bollywood industry. The car costs about 2.3 crore rupees, and is the only Japanese supercar in India. How does 562 Bhp from […]