Have you ever wondered what is common between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and industrialist Mukesh Ambani? Well, apart from the fact that they both belong from Gujarat, they also drive around in similar cars. Yes, the Mukesh Ambani transits in an armoured BMW 7-Series, the same vehicle that is also used for the most important […]

Remember the Mitsubishi Lancer? Of course, you do! The once famous Lancer has been almost wiped out from the planet’s face, but for China and Taiwan. Yes, ¬†Mitsubishi has just re-launched the car and has christened it as “Grand Lancer.” Should this come to India? We definitely think so. Did I read that right? Yes, […]

There has been a lot of buzz regarding the Honda City that had a Rs.2000 wrap on it. While a few media houses did pick up the story, they had a very wrong interpretation of¬†it, as compared to what actually happened. Here’s the real truth behind this note-wrapped car. What was reported? According to a […]

The Hindustan Ambassador is a vehicle that has a lot of heritage associated with it. This is a vehicle all of our parents have grown up with, and in some cases has even been the family’s first car. The car’s no longer produced, what with Hindustan Motors going under. Now though, French car maker Peugeot […]

Even though India does not boast of a strong off-road vehicle culture, the off-roading vehicles are quite popular in the country. Taking things forward, a joint venture between two companies will soon bring in India’s most extreme off-road vehicle. A partnership between Preferred Chassis Fabrication and India’s Sarbloh Motors has partnered to form a new […]

There are many new-age car options in the automotive market of modern India. If we turn back time, there were many options in the market that were different from the mass segment vehicles. The Indian market would have been much more diverse if such cars were available in the modern world. We bring you a […]

Here are five more cars that we would love to buy if they make a comeback. Mitsubishi Lancer Mitsubishi had a great line-up in India a few years back. The Lancer was the one car that scripted the success story for the brand in the world. Mitsubishi’s poor sales network and after-sales support did not […]

Car accessories have been created to make your life behind the wheel easy. However, some accessories can actually be dangerous, rather than being helpful. Here are 10 such accessories: Flame throwers Flame throwers, as the name suggests throws flames out of the back of the car, through the exhaust. It is unsafe as it could […]

Here is part two on the story of car accessories that can be dangerous if installed on your vehicle. Spacers Spacers are something that people add to give their car a flush look. Since India gets smaller rims and tyres, the track is smaller and the wheels are positioned to be on the inside of […]

Luxury car brands like Rolls-Royce and Bentleys carry an exorbitant price tag in the stock form. The companies offer additional features that take the price of the vehicles to a new level altogether. There are many such accessories in the car world. We bring you 20 selected features that will make your jaw drop. Breitling […]