Modern cars can last a million kilometers. You will be amazed to find regular cars lasting more than a few lakh kilometres without any major issues. If you want to be in the more-than-a-couple of “LAKH” kilometer club, here are ten good habits you need to religiously practice. Warm-ups are critical According to experts, the […]

Here are five more habits that will make your car last really long. Short trips are not good If the car is often used for trips under 2 kilometres, it can have an adverse effect on the engine. Short trips do not give much time to the vehicle to warm up and it causes much […]

Last week ended on a bombshell, one that saw GM (General Motors) withdraw from the Indian market. While GM has been having a tough time over the past few years, the Cruze has been one product that enthusiasts really liked. Bidding a fond farewell to the car, here are 10 of India’s best modified Cruzes. Modsters […]

Here is part-II of the story with the remaining 5 cars: 360 blue Here’s one Cruze that has gone the widebody way. The car has been wrapped in a pearl blue shade which is something that strikes the eye immediately. The bumper now loses the fog lamps and gets massive air intakes. All the chrome elements […]

Mahindra Thar is an iconic vehicle in India. We have seen many transformations of the Thar in various forms in India. SP Designs has added one more variation to the Thar and has made it look brutish. Here is the craziest modification that you will ever come across of Mahindra Thar. Hummer-inspired Thar! The extreme job […]

Motormind Automotive Designs of Bangalore has been churning out modified cars by the dozen. The outfit also builds body kits for cars. Meanwhile, here are 10 smashing modified cars from Motormind. From wraps and body kits to lift jobs, we have them all covered. Tata Safari Storme This Tata Safari Storme receives a vinyl wrap […]

Here are 5 more smashers from Motormind. Ford Endeavour The butch Endeavour gets a few bits and bobs to really stand out, but in a classy way. For starters, you have a Motormind body kit which includes a new front bumper chin with LEDs. Other changes to the front-end include a new grill and smoked out […]

Dilip Chhabria, or DC is well known in the aftermarket industry. He setup an empire for body kits and sprucing up the interiors of the cars. Now, his company also produces India’s only sports car, the Avanti. While DC Design has worked on a lot of cars, only a few of them have actually been […]

Here is part-II of the story with the remaining 5 cars: Thar DC’s take on the Thar wasn’t really well received. Since the Thar is such an iconic product with its clean lines and ruggedness, it didn’t really need an update. DC went quite outlandish with the Thar. While it retains its two door avatar, […]

Keeping your car looking shiny is sort of an obsession for many. To car people, it is something that matters a lot. Whether the car is new or old, here are 10 ways how you can keep your car shining like new, forever. Microfiber for cleaning, always The first thing you must do is to […]