And its that time of the year again when there are a slew of launches planned. With the coming of the festive season, manufacturers plan their important launches so as to see a boost in sales. Here are 6 SUVs/crossovers that we will see on Indian roads in the next two months: Ford Ecosport Globally, […]

Renault will launch the all-new Kaptur later this year. They have started having customer clinics for this. Sources close to us attended the clinic that was held in Noida (NCR) and shared the following information about the vehicle. Details: Unlike previous reports that the Kaptur would be a 7 seater, it has now been revealed that the vehicle will […]

The SUV segment is the largest growing one, not only in India but across the world as well. Every manufacturer is now trying to get in as many crossovers/SUVs as possible so as to plug any possible gap in their model portfolio. Keeping that in mind, here are 25 new SUVs that are coming our […]

Renault has gained a significant market share with the success of Kwid and Duster in India. The French company is now bracing for another mega launch in the Indian market — the Kaptur. This crossover is being tested on the Indian roads. Here are ten things that you don’t about the upcoming car. The Kaptur is coming, […]

Here are five more things you don’t know about Renault Kaptur. Class-leading boot space Renault Kaptur boasts of 387-litre boot space, but it can be increased to massive 1,200-litres by folding the rear seats. It makes the boot-space class-leading. The Mahindra XUV offers only 930-litres of space with the seats down. Tata Hexa offers 128-litres […]

India has now turned into a SUV-centric market, and why not, considering the road conditions that prevail here. One look at the sales charts will tell you how much the demand for SUVs across the spectrum is. Keeping that in mind, here are 15 more SUVs coming our way in the next year: Tata Nexon […]

Mahindra XUV500 created huge waves in the market when it was launched way back in 2011. Till date, there is no real competition to the XUV that can match up to its sales. Soon, no less than 5 manufacturers will launch SUVs competing directly against the XUV. Here they are. Jeep Compass The Jeep Compass […]

Here is part-II of the upcoming SUVs and crossovers: Renault Kaptur End 2017 The Kaptur will be the next offering from Renault in India. From the information that is known, the vehicle is based on the same BO platform that underpins the Duster. The difference though is that the Kaptur is more premium than the […]

Renault is working on an all-new compact SUV for the Indian market, i.e the Kaptur. The vehicle was spotted by one of our readers, Mr. Harshanth Mani in Ooty under going some testing. Information given by him: According to what was seen by him, there were two vehicles on test, both diesel versions. While one […]

Renault has been present in India for a long time. Even though few of their models did not take off very well in the market, two models in form of the Duster and the Kwid did help the French company to set-up the a strong base in the country. The company has allocated Rs. 2,500 […]