Years after launch, the Lodgy remains a slow seller despite Renault placing it in the sweet spot between the Ertiga and the mighty Innova. So, Renault has decided that an update may perk up sales. It’s called the Stepway, and we were invited to Mumbai, for a night drive to experience it Looks the part? […]

While the new year has just begun, car dealers want to get rid of any old stock they possess in their inventory. This means you could get a great deal on many 2016 model year cars, if you are willing to buy a car that has been manufactured last year. Here are cars that are […]

The year end is tough on all car manufacturers. After the festive season dies down, people prefer waiting for the new year to get a car. The reason behind it is that it’ll help improve resale value. But if you’re the sort who doesn’t care about that, you could get a few cars at really […]

Renault has relaunched the Lodgy Stepway in India. The new Lodgy gets updated exteriors and interiors and also an addition of the more powerful 108 BHP engine alongside the regular 83 BHP diesel engine. The new Lodgy comes with as many has 16 new enhancements with the new Lodgy Stepway. The new Lodgy Stepway starts […]

The festive season is coming which means people are soon going to be buying new things. This includes cars as well. To entice customers more, manufacturers come up with the best deals at this time to ensure maximum sales. Here are 10 such great deals. Mahindra Scorpio Rs 1.0 lakh price reduction due to FAME […]

Renault Lodgy After the massive success of Duster, Renault tried their luck in the MPV segment of the market. With the Lodgy, Renault entered into a direct competition with the Toyota Innova which is a highly successful car and remained segment leader since a long time. The Lodgy is made on the Duster platform and is a […]

An automated manual transmission (AMT) has the mechanics of a normal manual transmission but instead of a manual clutch pedal, uses electronics to change the gears. Since the hardware is shared with a manual transmission, it allows companies to keep costs low. Here are 8 cars that are going to get an AMT soon. Renault Kwid […]

Renault’s only MPV in India – Lodgy gets a special edition India known as World Edition. The special edition car gets as many as 25 new features in the interior and the exterior and is available with the both 84 Bhp and 108.5 bhp engine options. The Lodgy World Edition gets a new chrome grille […]

Even though car sales are all time high since last 5 years, automakers are offering huge discounts to push sales further. Here are cars which will save you around Rs. 1 lakh or more, if you go for them. Hyundai Elantra The new Elantra will be launched in India soon. To make sure that the […]

The demand vs supply game doesn’t look to end as with huge demands some of the popular vehicles seem to garner long waiting periods. We look at such cars and their respective alternatives, for those who don’t like waiting for long. And why should they, it’s not the ‘80s! Starting with the smallest Renault Kwid […]