Car crashes are tough to understand. You see some slow crashes that result in a lot of damage, death and injury and then you see some ghastly crashes, where you think the occupants would have barely survived. However in many cases of ghastly crashes, people walk away with minor injuries. Here are 10 such crashes. […]

Here are 5 more cars in part-II of the story VW Ameo Rs 1.0 lakhs The Ameo is VW’s latest offering. It is a sub 4-meter compact sedan and India is the only market in the world where it is sold. The Ameo was launched late last year and it comes with the choice of […]

Fiat Avventura Rs 95,000 The Avventura is a car that never really caught on. It is the raised version of the Puntohatchback with rugged plastic cladding and a spare wheel which has been mounted to the boot of the car. Yet, it found very few takers. Fiat is offering a discount of Rs 95,000 on the […]

The Indian consumer is very picky when it comes to cars. While the market has just started to grow in the country, favorites have already been established and some very good cars have lost out due to this, for no reason of their own. Here are 10 cars that aren’t really topping the sales charts, […]

Maruti Alto   Successor to the 800 in India, the Alto has played a successful innings in the country. While a refreshed version was launched today, the Alto beat cars like the Volkswagen Golf to become the largest selling small car in the world, in 2014. How many? 2,64,544 in one year, in India! It […]

Nissan Sunny The Nissan Sunny C-Segment sedan is long and luxurious, and doesn’t really deserve to sell as badly as it does. The diesel versions are very fuel efficient, while the petrols have their strengths too, especially the automatic variants. If you want limousine-like comfort in a Japanese car, the Sunny can still work for […]

With tests being done mostly in labs, the claimed efficiency figures by manufacturers are looked at with suspicion. Adding fuel to the fire is the recent VW saga, which not just prove that a lot of the claims (made by VW) were wrong, it also showed how customers were cheated. Now to ensure that the […]

Following the terrible display of strength (the lack of, actually) in Indian cars during Global NCAP’s crash test last year, a few carmakers woke up and took the decision of making their cars safer. And while some of the car manufactures continue to treat safety as a luxury, we take a look at cars under […]

Snapshot – There are a bunch of very capable cars in the Indian car market, fantastic in their own right, but ones that continue to languish at the bottom of the sales pile due to a multitude of reasons. These cars are such poor sellers that their makers may not think twice before discontinuing them. […]