Earlier this year, Tata Motors unveiled an all-new sub brand, the Tamo in order to produce niche products. The company did so as they wanted to make newer products at a faster rate and not have to depend on the long process that is usually followed.  The company had said that the car would soon […]

The second half of the year holds some very exciting launches. People who want more power on the tap in their next vehicle will not be disappointed. Here are eight cars for enthusiasts who want POWER but don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money. Hyundai Verna Launch: August 2017 Hyundai will launch the all-new Verna […]

The Indian car market is booming and manufacturers from around the world are bringing in a host of new vehicles.While a quarter of 2017 has already passed by, there are a few really radical launches lined up for later this year. Here are 10 of them! TaMo RaceMo Why is it radical? The RaceMo will become the cheapest […]

Here are five more most anticipated cars of 2017 and their launch timelines Maruti S-Cross Expected launch: October 2017 Maruti’s premium crossover has received a lukewarm response from the market till now. Maruti will launch the facelifted version of the vehicle later this year. The new S-Cross has become bigger than the current version making […]

Here are five more cars that look stunning with scissor doors. Hyundai Verna The Fluidic Verna looks good with flowing lines on the body. The modified example of the car looks jaw-dropping beautiful. The car gets faux air-intake on the good. The grille has been replaced with a more aggressive one. The headlamps and the […]

Tata Motors has been working on whitewashing its current image of a cab maker. To make a big impact on the market, Tata recently announced a new sub-brand called TaMo. Further to that, the automaker unveiled the RaceMo sports car at Geneva Motor Show. There are a few things that will leave you awe-struck about […]

Here are five more things that you don’t know about the RaceMo. MoFlex technology reduces the number of parts Tata bought the MOFlex Multi-Material Sandwich (MMS) structure technology from the Italian designer Marcello Gandini in 2007. The technology uses very fewer moulds or parts when compared to typical designing methods. This also keeps the cost […]

The TaMo RaceMo has been in the news over the past two days, and for all the right reasons. Tata Motors has decided to cater to the enthusiast market and create an all-new halo product, the RaceMo. It will be launched in 2018. The company has been trying to change their image and wanted to […]

It was last month that Tata Motors unveiled their new sub-brand, TaMo. The brand was setup to act as a center for new technologies, business models and partnerships. The first vehicle from the TaMo sub-brand, the RaceMo, sportscar was unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motorshow today and here is all you need to know about the […]

The Geneva Motorshow is among the most anticipated motorshows in the world. Every manufacturer wants to bring out their best products at this show, given the presence of a lot of international media. This year was no different either and here are 10 cars and SUVs from the Geneva show, which are coming soon to India. […]