Here are five more cars that offer maximum value-for-money Volkswagen Ameo The Ameo is the best selling vehicle carrying the Volkswagen emblem on it in India. The car is also VW’s first-ever sub-4 meter sedan in the world. The Ameo is one of the best lookers in the segment with a very proportionate body. Volkswagen has made […]

Automatic cars are in demand now. While people previously believed that they weren’t efficient enough and were very costly to buy and maintain, the trend is now changing. With technology advancing and people now wanting ease of commuting, automatics are the way forward. Here are 25 automatic cars that you can get below Rs 10 […]

Tata Nano AMT Tata launched the Nano as the cheapest car in India. Aimed at the two-wheeler riders, the Nano was launched to give commuters a safer way of getting around. The small vehicle with a rear engine, rear wheel drive also comes with an option of AMT that makes life even better in the […]

While the country celebrates Republic day tomorrow, we wondered why the cars and bikes should be left out. Here are 10 vehicles that India should be proud of. Tata Nano The Nano, the brain child of Ratan Tata is a car that was built with a lot of hopes and aspirations. Since Mr. Tata wanted to […]

Tata Nano AMT Cheap and cheerful automatic The Nano is a car that was introduced to change the way the country travelled. Sadly, the car didn’t live up to the hype created and the car eventually stopped selling as much as the company would have hoped. While the Nano is one of the cheapest cars […]

Here are some more regular cars that have been modified into hot convertibles. Maruti Zen The Zen was the performance hatchback in its prime days. Every youth in the country wanted one. At present times, there are many beautifully kept examples of the Zen. This one though is little different. The Zen Classic we see […]

India is a country which has the highest number of fatalities due to road accidents. Lack of road disciple and overtaking without knowing where to are major reasons for this. A tragic accident occurred on 5th October in Karkala, which saw a mother-son duo lose their life. The duo were on their way back after getting […]

A Maruti Ciaz was rear-ended by a Tata Nano. The incident happened in Goa. The Ciaz looks badly damaged with the bumper coming off and the boot lid getting dislocated. The Nano, which also suffers damage, seems much less affected by the crash. The bonnet shows a dent while the front bumper is dislocated. So, […]

Topgear-BBC has come up with a list of 20 world changing cars. An Indian car features in that list, but it a slightly funny/negative way. Instead of choosing the Nano, which is the modern day equivalent of the Volkswagen Beetle, the BBC has chosen to highlight a little known Indian car, which has never been […]

It is ‘new iPhone’ season. Every other September, Apple unveils a new iPhone which sees the price of the old one drop and existing customers rush to the showrooms to purchase the latest avatar. However, for the same Rs. 70,000, here are 10 cars you could rather buy and enjoy years of driving/modding. Tata Nano […]