India has always been a SUV centric market. Since people here prefer to flaunt their muscles, SUVs give them the best chance to do so. That coupled with the fact that our roads are not in the best nick┬ámake SUVs a good proposition. While Toyota has established itself in the market with the Fortuner, there […]

Tata now owns Land Rover, one of the most iconic SUV brands of the world. Ideas and technologies from the British brand are flowing down to the Tata end as well, and we will soon have 5 new Tata SUVs featuring Land Rover inputs. Here’s all you need to know. All-new Safari 2018 launch The […]

Tata Motors is working on an onslaught of new models that will be coming to India in the next 3 years. Here are the 10 upcoming cars. Kite 5 Expected: Early 2017 The Kite 5 is the sedan version of the Tiago which was recently launched in India. The vehicle was first shown at the […]