The Indian Armed Forces are working to phase out the ageing Maruti Gypsy. After floating contracts last year, the Tata Safari Storme came out as a winner after facing competition from Mahindra Scorpio. The vehicles were tested rigorously for over a year.¬†Tata Motors has officially signed an order of 3,192 vehicles. The Tata Safari Storme […]

When a bigger vehicle hits a smaller vehicle, the smaller one usually takes most of the damage. This is how it played out when a Milk Tanker hit a Force Cruiser head-on, near Bhatinda, Punjab. The momentum of the tanker was so much that it went on to collide into a Tata Safari, overturning it. […]

Here are five more affordable cars that are pure ‘Tashan.’ Mahindra Thar The Mahindra Thar is one of the best looking classic vehicle in India. The SUV gets many official customisation¬†options from the factory. The That Daybreak edition catches most eyes among all the customized versions of the Thar. Thar can also be customised to […]

The Gypsy is more than 3 decades old, and is a brand that most of us have grown up with. It is the only petrol 4X4 on sale in the market at that price point, and is a vehicle that is used by the Indian army, paramilitary forces, off road enthusiasts and even most resorts […]

Tata Nano AMT Tata launched the Nano as the cheapest car in India. Aimed at the two-wheeler riders, the Nano was launched to give commuters a safer way of getting around. The small vehicle with a rear engine, rear wheel drive also comes with an option of AMT that makes life even better in the […]

The Tata Safari is an iconic product from Tata Motors. It was the first real SUV that was introduced by the company and was also the first true SUV that India got. Since the vehicle has a huge fan following, there are a lot modified examples in the country. Here are 5 such vehicles: Motormind […]

Tata Nano AMT Cheap and cheerful automatic The Nano is a car that was introduced to change the way the country travelled. Sadly, the car didn’t live up to the hype created and the car eventually stopped selling as much as the company would have hoped. While the Nano is one of the cheapest cars […]

The Tata Safari has been around for a long time now. It happens to be the vehicle that started the SUV segment in India, being the first proper Indian SUV to be launched in the market. While it was fairly successful when it was launched, the Scorpio came and took the crown over from the […]

The Maruti Gypsy has been the backbone of Indian Armed Forces since 1991. There are about 35,000 Gypsys serving the Army currently. The lightweight SUV is now ageing. In a bid to replace the current fleet with better vehicles, the Army started selecting new SUVs. As many as 15 manufacturers participated in the initial discussion, […]

Here are 10 more cars selling at massive discounts of a lakh or more. Tata Safari Storme Rs 1 lakh The Safari Storme is highly under-rated. It has a very potent engine making 400 Nm, offers good ride quality and is well priced too. Yet, it is outsold by the Scorpio by a large amount. […]