The Toyota Fortuner is the highest selling luxury SUV in the country. It has managed to sell an average of more than 1000 units a month since it was introduced. The Fortuner brand name symbolises power. Since the vehicle is so popular, there are many modified ones in the country that are pretty nicely done. […]

SUVs are SUVs for a reason. They have, One – 4X4 transfer cases, which allows them to go to places where normal cars don’t. Two – They also have hefty ground clearances, tall approach, departure and break over angles, which helps them clear obstacles that other cars can’t. Now, when an Innova Crysta tries to […]

The all-new Fortuner has been a highly anticipated product, and pre- and post-launch, there has been massive chatter surrounding the vehicle. The big SUV is now just two weeks old in India, and here we have our first crashed Fortuner already. A member of the┬áLifestyle Club FMC, John Thomas uploaded pictures of a fully mangled […]

DC (Dilip Chhabria) is a person that needs no introduction. He is the guy who made modifications famous in our country. An automotive designer by profession, he has done a lot of radical style jobs. In addition to this, he recently unveiled India’s first indigenous sports car, the Avanti. The other thing that DC is […]

Brutal is the word. While the new Toyota Fortuner is already the king of the segment in terms of sales, it’s also got mammoth street presence. Nippon Toyota from god’s own country decided that this much presence simply wasn’t enough. Enter the Nippon body kit. The new Fortuner you’re seeing here is wearing a Nippon […]

Automobiles are a depreciating commodity. As years pass, the value of cars goes down regardless of how much you take care of it. There are few cars that retain better value over the years than others. Here are 10 such cars that go through minimal depreciation over the years. Toyota Fortuner   The Toyota Fortuner […]

The all-new Fortuner has made its way to India and in the first month of being launched, managed to sell over 1900 units, the most that this SUV has ever sold in the country. Since the vehicle is popular all over the world and not just in India, there are a lot of crazily modified […]

Here are 5 more modified Fortuners. Lifted This one here doesn’t feature any major visual update, expect the larger rims which have been blacked out. But the reason why this car is on this list is due to the subtle lift kit that gives this SUV a more imposing look. People who like sleeper cars […]

DC Design is one of India’s most popular design houses. The outfit has done some commendable jobs in the past including the the launch of India’s first sport car known as the Avanti. Also, there are a few cars from the DC Design that are relatively obscure, and unseen. We bring you 10 of such […]

There are more than a few modified examples of the hugely popular Toyota Fortuner on Indian roads, but a limousine based on the T-Fort? Well, that’s something very unique. And guess what, the limousine was found tucked away in far-off Arunachal Pradesh, India’s land of the rising sun. How was it built? A first generation […]