Popular cars come with one major pitfall, of that of long waiting periods. Here are 8 popular cars and SUVs that are saddled with long wait times. And for those in a tearing hurry, we line up great alternates to these cars. Maruti Vitara Brezza The Vitara Brezza’s been a massive hit for Maruti, and […]

Here is part-II of the story: Skoda Octavia The Skoda Octavia is a good luxury sedan, so what is it doing on this list? Well for those of you who have forgotten, the Octavia comes with a fast petrol and diesel engine option. The 1.8 liter TSi petrol can easily be re-tuned to close to […]

The old Toyota Fortuner was among the commonly modded SUVs in the country. While the new one has just launched, there are a lot of examples of modified Fortuners already. Here are 5 of the meanest, and most menacing modified new Fortuners from India. Saak Auto   Here is the first example, done by Saak […]

The current CR-V has been on sale for a few years now and we missed out on the newer generation one which was introduced globally. Now, an all-new fifth generation CR-V has been introduced, and it’ll soon come to India. So what’s new? The CR-V will finally come with a 5+2 seat configuration for the […]

Toyota had launched a slew of vehicles last year in India. The company launched the all-new Innova Crysta, all-new Fortuner and updated Etios and Liva. The company is doing quite well on the sales chart. To capture even more of the market, Toyota will bring in six more models in 2017. There is none at […]

Toyota Fortuner is known for its ruggedness and ability to take on the rough terrains. A very passionate owner of the last-generation Fortuner has modified his possession to a different level. Even though you may have seen this modified Fortuner before, the one we see today is its final form. Here is everything that you […]

Show cars are designed to bring in the crowd. They are made to show the capability of the brand and to obviously ‘woo’ the crowd. Here are 10 show cars that we wish are road ready. Hyundai Tucson This particular Tucson was showcased at the SEMA show and will certainly fit well in India. Why? […]

Toyota launched the all-new Fortuner in November 2016. Ever since, the much-awaited vehicle has been 0ut-selling every other luxury SUV in the country, doing close to 2,000 units per month. But why’s the Fortuner such a mega hit, despite the Ford Endeavour being around? Here are six REAL reasons why everyone wants a Fortuner in […]

The Toyota Fortuner is the highest selling luxury SUV in the country. It has managed to sell an average of more than 1000 units a month since it was introduced. The Fortuner brand name symbolises power. Since the vehicle is so popular, there are many modified ones in the country that are pretty nicely done. […]

SUVs are SUVs for a reason. They have, One – 4X4 transfer cases, which allows them to go to places where normal cars don’t. Two – They also have hefty ground clearances, tall approach, departure and break over angles, which helps them clear obstacles that other cars can’t. Now, when an Innova Crysta tries to […]