Special/limited edition versions of regular cars give you that little extra exclusivity, that little something that lets you stand apart. Here are 10 such affordable cars & SUVs that are available in ‘special edition’ trim. Mahindra XUV500 Sportz The limelight’s now on the Tata Hexa, and Mahindra’s doing everything to snag it back. Enter the […]

And we are back with yet another edition of India’s best modified vehicles. Honda Civic We have always mentioned that the Civic is a sporty car and is one that has a timeless design. Being so good looking, it has been the base car for a lot of mods. Here is an example of another […]

Abarth 595 Hatch with a punch This is a complete pocket rocket. While the 595 is not really popular due to its steep price tag, it is a wonderful driver’s car. I had the oppurtunity to drive it around the BIC and i came away thoroughly impressed by how well the car handled. The only […]

Here are 5 more such everyday cars that will stop traffic if they go topless. Renault Kwid The Kwid has become a hot selling product for Renault in India. The car has been gaining popularity with each passing month. Now that the car has already got the 1.0-litre and AMT version in India, the topless […]

Here we have part 2 of the story of India’s best modified cars. Nissan Micra The Micra isn’t a car you would consider fun or mod-friendly. It is a good car, however it is one that people opt for if they want a practical and spacious hatch, also, it is one that is chosen mostly […]

The current generation Polo (fifth generation) has been on sale for a really long time, after having completed close to 7 years in the current avatar. Though there have been minor updates that the car has seen since then, VW is now working on an all-new Polo which will be unveiled sometime later next year.¬†Auto-moto […]

Gone are the times when diesel vehicles were considered as slow and lifeless. With the introduction of common rail technology, today’s diesels are right there with their petrol counterparts when it comes to performance, and in some cases even better. Here are the fastest accelerating diesel vehicles, segment wise: Hatchback Ford Figo 10.55 seconds The […]

Volkswagen has been at the helm of the hot hatch market in India. It has a wide range of products on offer to suit everyone’s needs, from the petrol GT TSi to the GTi and the diesel GT TDi. Even though in terms of pricing, the GT TSi costs nearly the same amount as the […]

The Indian manufacturers are already buckling up to make their car safer. The Indian law mandating the safety features like ABS and dual front airbags will be enforced from October 2018. Volkswagen had already made the ABS and airbags standard in every model except the Polo. The Polo only featured dual airbags across all the […]

India isn’t an enthusiast focussed market, sadly for us. On the brighter side, this means that enthusiast cars have poor resale values. Great deals, guaranteed. Here are 10 such used cars that are certainly good buys for enthusiasts: Skoda Octavia vRS The vRS needs no introduction. When it was launched, it brought turbocharged petrol engines […]