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Tata Motors has bumped up prices of both the Hexa and the Safari Storme SUVs following the GST cess increase last week. The higher prices are applicable immediately. The Hexa’s price has gone up by a maximum of Rs. 96,000 while that of the Storme has gone up by a maximum of Rs. 86,000.

Tata Hexa 1

The minimum price hikes on the Hexa and Storme are Rs. 77,000 and Rs. 67,000 respectively. Both vehicles have been impacted by the 7 % increased GST cess applicable on SUVs. With that, total tax paid on the two Tata SUVs has hit 50 % (28 % GST plus 22 % cess). The exact quantum of price hikes is listed below,

Tata Hexa price hikes after GST cess,

Tata Hexa VariantsGST PricesPost Cess PricesDifference
XE₹ 10.95 lakh₹ 11.72 lakh₹ 77,000
XM₹ 12.80 lakh₹ 13.60 lakh₹ 80,000
XMA₹ 13.90 lakh₹ 14.81 lakh₹ 91,000
XT₹ 15.03 lakh₹ 15.94 lakh₹ 91,000
XTA₹ 16.13 lakh₹ 17.07 lakh₹ 94,000
XT 4×4₹ 16.23 lakh₹ 17.19 lakh₹ 96,000

Tata Safari Storme Post Cess Prices:

Tata Safari Storme VariantsGST PricesPost Cess PricesDifference
LX 4×2₹ 9.75 lakh₹ 10.42 lakh₹ 67,000
EX 4×2₹ 11.56 lakh₹ 12.35 lakh₹ 79,000
VX 4×2₹ 13.02 lakh₹ 13.74 lakh₹ 72,000
VX 4×4₹ 14.47 lakh₹ 15.33 lakh₹ 86,000

The price hikes come a time when there’s festive buying fervour in India. The hikes could impact buyer behavior and depress sales of both the SUVs. While the Safari Storme has traditionally been a tepid seller for Tata Motors, the much more recently launched Hexa has been doing reasonably well.


It remains to be seen if the latest price hike puts paid to the Hexa’s good run. Both SUVs are available in rear wheel drive and four wheel drive options. The SUVs are built on rugged ladder-frame chassis, and use the same engines – the 2.2 liter Varicor turbo diesel unit – in multiple states of tune.

The lower variants of the Storme and Hexa use this engine in 148 Bhp-320 Nm guise while the higher variants of both SUVs get the 154 Bhp-400 Nm state of tune. The lower variants get 5 speed manual gearboxes while the higher variants get 6 speed manuals. The higher variant of the Hexa gets a 6 speed automatic gearbox.

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