Snapshot: CarToq profiles ten interesting cars from DC Design, an Indian design and car custom studio that is run by Dilip Chhabria, an automotive journalist turned auto designer.

DC Custom Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport customized by DC Design comes with a redesigned front end with relocated head lamps, a new bumper and grille. On the inside, the crossover’s 5 seat layout is traded for a beige leather wrapped 4 seat layout while infotainment and other creature comforts are added.

DC Toyota Innova

The Innova, India’s top selling 7 seat MPV isn’t a looker by a long shot. DC Design has given the MPV an aesthetic makeover and while at it, has refurbished the interiors. The DC Innova is a four seater that adds two airline-like recliner seats and a comprehensive infotainment package at the rear. The driver and front passenger seat also see a refurbishment, along with revised interior trims.

DC Mahindra XUV500

The DC Mahindra XUV500 would’ve been a sleeper if not for the reprofiled front bumper. The real action though, lies in the innards of this Mahindra crossover. Like the DC Innova, the XUV is converted into a four seater, with recliners at the rear and captain seats at the front. Like most DC Lounge packages, the XUV500 gets custom infotainment options.

DC Renault Duster

The DC Duster gets a big makeover on the outside, with revised front and rear ends, and a matt paint finish. On the inside, the DC Duster features four seats with custom leather. The SUV’s dashboard now gets rich wood trim that completely transforms the el-cheapo character of the stock Duster’s interiors.

DC Nissan Evalia

The DC Nissan Evalia is a sleeper. The exteriors of this people mover stay true to the stock version while the interiors get a complete transformation. While a six seat layout is retained, the boot is given the boot to make for additional room for the rear passengers, who now get two seat sets that face each other. The interiors gets a complete revamp with leather and infotainment bits.

DC Toyota Fortuner Lounge

India’s best selling luxury SUV gets a new front end that makes it look more like a Mitsubishi than a Toyota. The insides trade the 7 seat layout for a 2+2 layout. With 3 seats dumped, the passengers at the rear get plenty of space and entertainment options.

DC Volkswagen Polo

The DC Volkswagen Polo dumps two doors and gets converted into a sporty 3 door hatchback. Other sporty bits on the Polo include massive, low profile tyres riding on tall alloy wheels. A new paint job and a body kit that makes the Polo wider than ever before are the other highlights of the car.

DC Tata Winger Lounge

The Tata Winger is a large passenger van that can seat 9 adults in stock form. The DC lounge package dispenses with the 7 seat rear layout for a 4 seat layout, one that adds acres of space. Interior detailing and leather package apart, the DC Winger also gets restyled exteriors.

DC Nissan Sunny

The Nissan Sunny sedan, known for its long wheelbase design that delivers sofa like comfort for the rear passengers, gets an additional dose of luxury through the DC lounge package. Red leather dominates proceedings, and this can get garish on the eyes.

DC Hyundai Elantra

The DC Elantra gets a mild makeover on the outside with red highlights across the car being the major design highlight. The car exteriors also get a matt paint finish while the alloy wheels feature a new design. On the inside, the DC Elantra features red leather detailing in keeping with the overall theme.

Images courtesy DCDesign on Facebook

22 replies

  1. Profile photo of Vinay Kumar V
    Vinay Kumar V answers:

    polo the best dc design and fortuner not tht grt

  2. Profile photo of Navjot Preet Singh
    Navjot Preet Singh answers:

    There’s not a single car that i like, the only good custom was the Thar, which is not here 😛

  3. Profile photo of Shenoy
    Shenoy answers:

    Dc car seen from DC

  4. Profile photo of shyamalendu
    shyamalendu answers:

    what iz the DC design ?

  5. Profile photo of Rakeshi Sanasam
    Rakeshi Sanasam answers:

    Renault duster look stunning…

  6. Profile photo of Aditya Ranadive
    Aditya Ranadive answers:

    Fordeco sport DC Car is in Rajahmundry

  7. Profile photo of Dinesh Rdk
    Dinesh Rdk answers:

    shyamalendu, DC Design is a place were you can get the Cars fully altered. It is in Bangalore too. Definitely amazing designs.

  8. Profile photo of shyamalendu
    shyamalendu answers:

    thank u dinesh

  9. Chinmay Kulkarni answers:

    How about putting price tags next time for each model.. even dc design website lacks this ..

  10. Profile photo of Dinesh Rdk
    Dinesh Rdk answers:

    I heard like, for Duster interior and exterior designs approximate cost will be around 7 to 8 lakhs but not 100% sure.

  11. Profile photo of Rahul Pandey
    Rahul Pandey answers:

    polo design is osume…..but fortuner is not good

  12. Profile photo of Dain J Koshy
    Dain J Koshy answers:

    DUSTER & POLO…stunning design ,XUV 500-not bad……….!

  13. Profile photo of Rahul Romeo Vij
    Rahul Romeo Vij answers:

    Polo was nice

  14. Profile photo of Manglesh Bhalla
    Manglesh Bhalla answers:

    The interiors which r shown in the pic is of Micra rather than of Sunny

  15. Profile photo of Arjun Rajput
    Arjun Rajput answers:

    superb modification by dellep chabra

  16. Profile photo of Anil Kumar G
    Anil Kumar G answers:

    I love DC Avanthi which is not avaiable in these pictures, but that’s an awesome car, Which was lauched by BIG – B

  17. Profile photo of Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh answers:

    I only loved the polo and the Innova

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