TVS Apache RTR 160 motorcycle almost here!

The popular TVS Apache gets a big brother that has the CBZs and Pulsars quaking - the Apache RTR 160!

8 May, 2007

I would never call a 160 bhp motorcycle anything superlative. Matter of principle. King of the road, street scorcher, whatever - they are names reserved for motorcycles above 600 cc and should remain so. But if I come down to earth and look at Indian roads, there is a different world around. Here, we have little four stroke machines that do their own little bit of scorching and wheeleing, and in that world, it has its own little tyrants and knights. The Karizma, the Pulsar 200 DTS-i, the CBZ X-Treme, TVS Apache, Pulsar 150.. and that world has just got a new claimant - the TVS Apache RTR 160 motorcycle. Priced right against the other 150 cc models from other manufacturers at Rs 60,000 approx, the Apache RTR with its 160 cc will really be serious temptation for anyone looking for a 150cc category motorcycle.

The TVS Apache motorcycle impressed us all first when they had those bad boys on motorcycles in their TV ad spots that went "now or never" , and "dhinchal dhnchak". The styling caught everyone's eye, and it look just a little while for the Apache to capture everyone's imagination - tired as they were of the Pulsar 150s, 180s that were ruling the road. The TVS Apache quickly captured hearts - OverDrive, BS Motoring and Autocar named it Bike of the Year 2006 and sales were good.

Sometime later, TVS decided to up their game. And thus we have the TVS Apache RTR 160. Adding only 10 cc meant that the bike will still be evaulated against the Pulsar 150 DTS-i - its primary competitor - while beating it easily. Possible, as the TVS motorcycle still weighs some 7 kilograms less than the CBZ X-Treme and Pulsar 150. The Pulsar models have steadily seen upgrades in style, cowl, LCD speedos and LCD tail-lights, and the Apache was going to do all that - plus beat the Pulsar 150 DTS-i on the streets. And going by initial impressions, that is exactly the RTR 160 will do.

So what is the RTR? It is supposed to mean Racing Throttle response - don't take that phrase too seriously, without or without it, the motorcycle will do what it promises. In the TVS Apache RTR 160, the engine capacity si up to 159.7cc. To increase torque, as well as to boost top end whack, bore and stroke were changed to 62 and 52.9 m. What The Apache RTR 160 will give you is 15.2 bhp at 8500 rpm, and a torque of 1.31 kgm at 6000 rpm. To put it in perspective, the the power produced is more than what the original Pulsar 180 did when it hit the market. But the RTR 160 is a lighter motorcycle than the Pulsar 150 and its other competitor, the Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme.

What is the performance on offer? There are no official test rides done by anyone so far - but there are many who rode it and came away and penned down their very favourable first impressions. What TVS claims is a 0-60 kmph figure of 4.8 seconds, and 100 kmph would come up in 17.7 seconds. Actual figures would be a little less exciting than that normally - not that you would still complain. Max speed is claimed to be 118-120 kmph. Almost everyone who rode one claims that the RTR 160 Apache.

The more noticeable difference is the length - the TVS Apache RTR stretches a 2020 mm end to end. The swingarm is 40 mm longer in the RTR 160, all the better for stability. There is a 270 m petal disc- new for India - that cools better and stops great. There is nice styling touches all over in all those places no one would bother earlier. So you have clip-on aluminum handlebars (yay!), LED tail lamp, so-called aircraft-style fuel cap, split grab rail ... The Apache RTR 160 also features the now standard tachometer, clock, trip meter, fuel guage and odometer.

You are not going to complain about style with the Apache RTR 160. I don't care much for the front fairing (didn't like it in the original Apache either), but the RTR's engine cowl is a neat touch - and the racing stripes, yes! Even the wheels will have a nice pinstripe running along the rim, adding to the style. Some don't care much for the racing stripe on the front mudguard and elsewhere - but that is a standard complaint between the ones who like their motorcycle plain vs embellished.


TVS Apache RTR 160 price in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities

Approx Rs 60,000. Accurate info awaited from TVS.

TVS Apache RTR 160 specifications

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