With the petrol price hike yesterday, the demand for diesel cars is bound to increase. The Hyundai fluidic Verna diesel has the best-selling sedan for the last few months, with a waiting period of almost four months now. So if you want a diesel sedan, and cannot wait for this long, what are your options? CarToq spoke to dealers across the country to come up with alternatives to the Verna diesel.

The Hyundai Fluidic Verna was launched on May 11. The Verna has two diesel engines: a 1,396 cc engine that belts out 106 Bhp of power and a 1,582 cc which produces 126 bhp of power. It is available in the price range of Rs. 8.09 lakh-Rs. 10.74 lakh.

Keeping this proposition in mind, we have identified three cars that could be a good alternative to the diesel Verna.

maruti suzuki sx4 photo
Photo: Maruti Suzuki sx4 has a waiting period of 1-1.5 months

Maruti Suzuki Sx4: Waiting period 1-1.5 months

Price: Rs. 7.79 lakh-Rs. 8.67 lakh

The Maruti Suzuki Sx4 is a tried and tested vehicle and sells in abundance thanks to its reliability and Maruti Suzuki’s wide service network. The Sx4 has a 1.3 litre DDIS multi-jet diesel engine from Fiat which churns out 89 Bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque. It also comes with a variable geometry turbocharger. Read our story about alternatives for the Honda Jazz here

The company claims that the Sx4 diesel returns a mileage of 21.5 kmpl so a real world figure of 18 kmpl can be expected. The car is spacious and gives you ample road presence, it may not be as features loaded as the Verna but will offer basic equipment and creatures comforts like ABS, airbags, music system and steering mounted audio controls.

volkswagen vento photo
Photo: Volkswagen Vento has a waiting period of up to 1.5 months

Volkswagen Vento: Waiting period 0-1.5 months

Price: Rs. 8.19 lakh-Rs. 9.43 lakh

The Volkswagen Vento is another car you could opt for in this segment. It gives you the solid fit and finish that you expect from a German car and the Volkswagen brand name will make you feel spoilt.

The Vento has a four-cylinder, 1.6-litre common-rail diesel engine that produces 105 bhp of peak power and about 249 Nm of torque. The company claims a mileage of 20.5 kmpl and real world figures will range from 15-18 depending on driving and road conditions. Also read our story on the alternatives to the Maruti Suzuki Swift diesel.

Volkswagen offers a CD player in the Vento but you will USB and Aux-in ports. On the safety front you will get twin airbags, ABS and an anti-theft alarm system with electronic immobilizer.

ford fiesta photo
Photo: Ford Fiesta has a waiting period of up to 2 months

Ford Fiesta: Waiting period 0-2 months

Price: Rs. 9.27 lakh-Rs. 10.42 lakh

The Ford Fiesta may not be the most affordable alternative to the Hyundai Verna but it is definitely one of the most driver oriented car in the segment. The Fiesta diesel sports a 1.5 Duratorq engine that puts out 90 bhp of power and 204 Nm of torque. Ford claims an ARAI-certified fuel consumption of 23.5 kmpl for the diesel Fiesta and real world figures will be around 15-20 kmpl.

Now the Verna is touted to be feature loaded but the Fiesta too is pretty up to date in terms of features and creature comforts. It has some interesting and useful features like multi-function voice-activated controls that can control the radio, adjust climate control settings and make or receive phone calls.

You also get steering mounted controls, follow-me home headlamps, auto-folding mirrors and audio-only parking sensors (top end variant).

Here’s a table with the waiting periods of the above cars in major cities:

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45 thoughts on “With Verna diesel waiting period climbing to 4 months, what are the best alternatives?

  1. Chevrolet Beat Diesel…the Best & with the Petrol’s Price increment by 3.14 INR/litre it’s now become ‘Better than the Best’ !!

  2. vento is good all rounder and has much better ride and handling compared to verna.. wait for verna justifies if you like gizmos..otherwise vento is overall a better car.

  3. No other car in the segment can match verna in terms of features, power, comfort and looks. The ford fiesta and the vento diesel are practically very good cars, their maintenance is on the higher side. If you can shed down a few features, then Sx4 can be a good car as you get a SUV like stance, excellent ground clearance and ample passenger and boot space. Power is also sufficient to rush the adre

  4. its better to wait for good asset.. no car in this segment can be compared to Verna fludic in terms of looks, gazets, interior, milage, space, handling. Only honda city is in race with verna fluidic. but no disel variant in city.


  6. I guess its not worth waiting so much for all these cars..rather if u can push your budget a lil bit probably u can afford a Toyota Corolla Diesel…Which has almost everything one can imagine…Or else the best option u can choose may be the Etios Diesel without any waiting….

  7. You are true Dude..It has a very soft suspension,I have a 1.6 CRDi though it’s loaded with Everything you want Ride quality is not good

  8. Guys…please test drive before going for a Verna, I’m now worried after driving it for 3500 kms in last 1.5 months, as the Suspension is too soft not nearby to my Accent CRDi.So you feel all the bumps on the road & ground clearance is not adequate.Otherwise its a Superb car in terms of Features, Engine performance & Mileage.Ford Fiesta is having no cabin space & SX4 is not worth.Vento is good but

  9. I have a 1.6 crdi , very good car but with the worst suspension , ride and handling..loved the new verna..but same problem in it too.. I am confused about upgrading to the new Verna..Hyundai is giving us such powerful car, but its of no use as handling very bad on Highway..its risky…

  10. There are many things that need to be considered. Can u please tell m where u can use cruise control in day to day driving in INDIA? Voice control is something new. But ford’s maintenance and spares are very high. Each paid service you need to shell out a minimum of 5000 rupees. Still all customers of the new fiesta will be in the free service period. Everyone will feel the pinch after they are en

  11. Ya on highway verna is a bit unsettled. But the joy of overtaking cars of higher segment is somewhat priceless

  12. Roll on acceleration figures are poor for verna. The power delivery is very linear(its good actually).Coupled with the ultra light steering with no feedback.Engine is very good but the car gives up(read suspension) much before the engine does.

  13. Ajay Srinivas Raghavan Awesome reply sir.. i like it so much .. 100 likes for your comments .. Cheers Mathan

  14. M not agree i had 2008 model and drove on 200KMPH without shaking n much noise… grip is awesome, may be bcoz of my YOKOHAMA tires… i fell like its the best car in its class.. m again planing for fluidic..hope suspension problem wont be there…

  15. How could anyone forget Optra Magnum Tcdi.. Its the grand-daddy of all the cars out there in every aspect and comes cheaper than verna top end.

  16. I am curious to know why DWS doesn’t consider the Linea to be an alternative. Despite it’s sub-par after sales support, it is a reasonably competent car.

  17. Ajay Srinivas Raghavan iagree with u sir but i wanna say that if anyone who is spending rs 1000000 and buy verna and go on long routes. Like from chd to delhi. And feels that eve even smalldumps on road sounds hard and dont feel not good controlon road. And. rear centre seat is too hard to sit even small babies dont want to sit in centre. Then why should i spend 1000000 on verna if i am getting

  18. Ajay Srinivas Raghavan and about service charges i wana tell u that i am using fiesta from last five years and ikon from last two years and figo from last one year i dont spend more than 2500 on each service. And u know i changed my fiesta battery from company only in rs 3500 and from outside it was more than 5000.

  19. still Verna Rocksssssss its better to wait rather den go for any options as no other cars provide a list of features which goes on and on and an option of 1.4 and 1.6l petrol and diesel engines.with a good dealer network., a good mileage, good looks, better resale value. wht Fiat linea is not listed with these cars?

  20. at hyderabad, the vento tdi had 1month waiting period on any colour and I’m thinking to buy vento once again vento rockzzzz rockzzzz rockzzzz and finally rocks and verna, fiesta and sx4 sucks.

  21. I think may be then Etios is a good option in Diesel if nobody wants to wait …Anyways it all depends upon individual choice…..anyways cheers !!!!

  22. I own both cars….i’ll clear you with the difference which practically is tried and tested…..Verna got good interiors and its high power engine is combined with a steering of Maruti 800 you take a sharp curve at 80 it will definately skit its a sheer disappointment when you drive it on hills you keep moving with the turns left-right……whereas…….ford got sober interiors which will look go

  23. The wait may come down as hyundai is ramping production, Since I drive vento and verna extensively , the verna gives a better value for money and ride is superb. I don’t have any problems until 110 kmph beyond which the suspension is too soft. But how many people and how often do we extend ourselves beyond 120 kmph with indian road conditions. Wait and get the best VFM. go for verna.

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