1 Honda Activa automatic scooter sold every 10 seconds in India: Here’s why

First launched in 2001, the Honda Activa has by now become one of the most recognizable two-wheeler brands in the country. The scooter’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) sells over 1.5 lakh copies of this scooter every month. Last month, at the Auto Expo 2018, HMSI revealed the new Activa 5G, which is basically a minor facelift of the second-generation Activa. Of course, the scooter-buying lot seems to love it or at least so is evident from the sales numbers. Basically, HMSI managed to sell as many as 2,47,377 units of the Activa last month. This is, on an average, more than 8,727 units every day or 1 Activa sold every 10 seconds!

1 Honda Activa automatic scooter sold every 10 seconds in India: Here’s why


We really can’t think of any other scooter that has enjoyed such a huge popularity. So, what makes the Honda Activa so popular? Here, in this post, we have a look at some reasons for this scooter’s unparalleled success –

Wide Appeal

The Honda Activa targets various types of two-wheeler buyers. For many commuters, the Activa serves as the daily rider, which takes them from Point A to Point B without any fuss. For others, the Activa is a convenient and hassle-free vehicle for small trips to the market or even to the coaching classes. So, basically, from teeny-bloopers to an average family guy, the Activa seems to enjoy a lot of popularity between various types of two-wheeler users.

High Convenience

One of the biggest factors working in favor of the Activa is the high convenience it offers. The Activa, in spite of having metal body panels, doesn’t weigh too much. Moreover, it offers sufficient storage spaces to store all sort of knick-knacks. The biggest factor, however, is the CVT, which makes riding this scooter in the frustrating stop-go traffic a breeze.

Affordability & Ease of Ownership

While the Activa isn’t the cheapest automatic scooter around, people perceive it to offer a high Value-For-Money. Also, with a base price of roughly Rs 52,000, the Activa 5G ends up being as affordable as many entry-level motorcycles. This, combined with the higher convenience it offers, totally works in its favor. Moreover, the Activa is easy to maintain and can be serviced even by the road-side mechanics.

Adequate Performance

The Honda Activa is no tarmac scorcher. However, it does offer enough performance for intra-city usage. Thanks to a sufficiently powerful motor and a decent suspension setup, the Activa can easily zip its way through the traffic. All this means there’s adequate performance on offer, at least in the urban environment.

Decent Mileage

One of the biggest factors working in favor of the Activa is the good mix of performance and mileage that it offers. The scooter can return up to 50 kmpl when used sedately. This, combined with the adequate performance, makes the scooter pretty likable.

High Reliability

Honda is known for making highly reliable two-wheelers. The Activa is no different in this aspect. We have seen Activas with over a lakh KMs on the odometer running without any trouble. The Activa offers trouble-free service for years and this is yet another reason for its high popularity.

Top Resale Value

Thanks to the above factors, the Activa ends up enjoying a high resale value. This is definitely a boon for existing Activa owners as they can recover a large portion of their money on selling their Activa.