1 hour-long horror ride for Mercedes owner as cruise control gets stuck at 120 kmph

A Chinese driver had the shock of his life when the cruise control of his Mercedes C200L got stuck at 120 KMPH! He was forced to drive for about 100 kms on the motorway before his car was apparently remotely stopped by the Mercedes tech support. Mr. Xue called the cops immediately after realizing that the cruise control of his new Mercedes-Benz was stuck. Moreover, his car simultaneously experienced a brake-failure.

Luckily, Mr. Xue, who is an amateur racer, could control the car for about 50 minutes before it finally came to a halt. As per a report by local news site, Mr. Xue was alone and was driving his C200L with cruise control on the Lianhuo Highway. However, he discovered that the cruise control just won’t switch off. Also, even the brakes failed. Soon thereafter, Mr Xue called up Mercedes-Benz’s customer service number. He even received some tips from the technical adviser, but all the attempts to turn the cruise control off went in vain. Next, the driver called up the police helpline. Luckily, the highway control officer cleared three lanes of the road at a toll plaza to make way for the speeding Merc. The C-class continued to travel for 100 kms, thereby covering two provinces.

The report says that Mr Xue’s car finally came to a stop after the Mercedes-Benz customer helpline center managed to connect to the car remotely and turn off the cruise control system. Daimler, the manufacturer of Mercedes cars, said in a statement that the brand has sent its technical experts to inspect the car. The company also denied the claims that the C-class could stop only after the company’s technical staff gained remote access to the cruise control system. A statement from the company reads: ‘Mercedes-Benz does not and has never possessed the backend technology to interfere with driving, and Mercedes-Benz’s multi safety systems ensure that the driver could always stop the vehicle even under extreme situations.’ The company said that his technical experts are investigating the cause of this incident.

via Dailymail