The Kinetic Honda with 1lakh kms on the odo! See pics

The Kinetic Honda scooter has been an iconic name in the Indian market. It was the first ever two-stroke gearless scooter that was launched in the Indian market and there are still many examples of the scooter on the road. Here is one such scooter that has crossed 1 lakh kilometres, which is an amazing feat.

The Kinetic Honda with 1lakh kms on the odo! See pics

While the most modern day automobiles, including two-wheelers, have the potential to complete well over a lakh kilometre, the same done by a Kinetic Honda scooter deserves special mention. The scooter was first introduced in the Indian market in 1984 and after launching many exciting models in the market, the company shut down in 2008. The Kinetic Honda can be given the credits for bringing the revolution of gearless scooters in India and in today’s date, there is not even a single geared scooter available in the market.

The owner of the Kinetic Honda has put a post on Facebook that shows the analogue odometer rotating from 99,999 km to 00,001 km. Unlike the modern digital odometers, the analogue digital meters used to reset to 0 after reaching the maximum limit. This is a 2001 model and as the per the owner, it is not up for sale yet!

The scooter was launched by the first joint venture between the Kinetic Engineering Limited and Honda Motor Company and it was the first ever product from the brand. The first automatic scooter became quite popular among adults and youngsters. However, initially, the automatic scooters were not accepted widely as they were considered feminine. As the years passed, the market started responding quite well to such scooters.

The Kinetic Honda with 1lakh kms on the odo! See pics

This scooter is powered by a 98cc, 2-stroke engine that produces a maximum of 7.7 Bhp and a peak torque of 9.8 Nm. The two-stroke scooter was extremely lightweight and with the CVT automatic transmission, was a fun thing to ride.