10 accessories that’ll make your budget car HIGH-TECH

Not all of us can afford high-end cars that have cutting-edge features but we surely can customize our cars with high-tech features. Thanks to the aftermarket, even budget cars and SUV can look and feel high-tech. Here are 10 accessories that’ll help do just that.

Blind spot warning system

10 accessories that’ll make your budget car HIGH-TECH

There’s only so much the wing mirrors of a car can show. And the rest of the stuff is called a blind spot. Blind spots can cause serious accidents as a car driver is unaware of the presence of other vehicles in her/his car’s blind spot. A blind spot warning systems warns the driver of other vehicles in the car’s blind spot, thereby preventing accidents and boosting safety considerably.

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360 degree reverse camera

Regular reversing cameras have limited vision. A 360 degree reverse camera takes things to a different level. It acts like an eye in the sky and gives you an aerial view of your car, making reversing into tight spots so much more easier. And such cameras are now standard on high end cars.

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Tyre pressure monitoring system

10 accessories that’ll make your budget car HIGH-TECH

Keeping an eye on tyre pressure is crucial, especially if you drive on highways at high-speeds. Low air pressure in the tyres can lead to them bursting at high speeds, and getting punctured at low speeds. A tyre pressure system tells you the exact pressure in each of the tyres, and allows you to maintain the optimum tyre pressure. In the long run, this also helps increase tyre life as a tyre running at optimum pressure lasts longer than one that’s isn’t.

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OBD car tracker and diagnostics

10 accessories that’ll make your budget car HIGH-TECH

You can stay one step ahead of car thieves with OBD port based car trackers, especially if your car has a concealed OBD port. This device syncs to your smartphone and helps you monitor your car’s exact position. In addition to this, it also sends you alerts if your car is towed or stolen from a specific ‘geo-fenced’ location. Overspeeding alerts are also available on such devices. Moreover, this device beams OBD data into your smartphone, which means that you have all the parameters of your car’s engine, such as coolant temperature, oil level, etc, at your fingertips.

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Automatic side step for SUVs


Getting in and out of an SUV can be cumbersome. Want comfort as well as some drama? Well, the smart step for SUVs can deliver both. This step, like its name suggests, folds out when the door is opened, thus making it easy to enter and exit the SUV. Such smart steps are available both in mechanical and electronic forms.