10 beautiful & crazily modified Maruti 800 cars in India

The Maruti 800 lived a long and iconic life in India. The first front-wheel-drive car to hit the Indian market, was discontinued in 2014 after the car was launched in the 1980s. The Maruti 800 can still be seen on Indian roads including some crazy, modified versions of the hatchback. Here are some such modified Maruti 800s.

Custom kit

This is the first-generation Maruti 800 that was known as the SS80, in India.  The JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) design of the car remains iconic till date. Here is a modification, based on the SS80, which retains the iconic shape of the car. Its original round headlamps have been retained but the front gets a dark theme that gives a contrast effect. The wheels have been upsized to 13-inch alloy wheels that add a beautiful stance to the vehicle.

American pick-up truck

Pick-up trucks are not exactly very famous in India. However, they are extremely practical to carry large loads. There are many Maruti 800s that have been modified into good-looking pick-up trucks. This bright red pick-up truck follows true-blue American pick-up styling with the brand name embossed on the tailgate. The tail lamps come from the first-generation Mahindra Scorpio, while the headlamps have been borrowed from the Maruti Gypsy.


Here is another pick-up truck version of the Maruti Suzuki 800. The straight chop job gives it a rally-style cabin and rear bars and a spare wheel mounted on the rear that give it a muscular look. The subtle white modified example also gets larger 14-inch alloy wheels and a raised suspension. The car gets rear-view mirrors from Daewoo Matiz.

Kit Up!

Kit Up! is quite popular in India for making body kits of various vehicles. This modified example also wears a body kit from the Coimbatore-based car customisation garage. The modified hatchback gets a new custom front bumper with integrated fog lamps and an underbody spoiler. The modification replaces the original grille and air-dam with a new mesh grille. It also gets 13-inch alloy wheels. The rear too gets modified with a customised bumper and a small roof-mounted spoiler.


Convertibles are not very suited to the extreme weather of India, but they do look exotic. Here is a convertible, based on the 800, that looks quite exquisite. It takes inspiration from the Honda Beat that is sold in Japan and looks unorthodox. The 800 gets a complete overhaul regarding looks. It gets flared wheel arches, side skirts, alloy wheels with black treatment, a tail lamp unit from Chevrolet Spark and a luggage rack on the boot. The car gets dual exhaust tips on the rear and a soft cover whenever the occupants need some privacy. It also comes in a striking yellow body colour and interior theme, making it hard to miss on roads.

Red hot

This convertible 800 is the same as the yellow car and has been customised by the same modder – JS Design. The car, however, gets a few changes like body-coloured matching seat covers, different bumpers and body. The car truly looks very attractive and it will be a difficult job to identify the original car under the skin.


Just like the Maruti 800, the Volkswagen Golf is a legendary vehicle. This Maruti 800 has been modified to look like an older-generation Volkswagen Golf. The 800 gets flared fenders and a raised suspension. The car gets clear lens on the round headlamps and a Golf-style grille. The bonnet has been extended to give the desired effect.

The chic

This modified Maruti 800 from Mumbai is a chop job that looks really good. The owner has removed the roof of the vehicle and has converted the car into a two-seater. The car also gets dual-tone colours. The rear seats and the doors have been removed to make it look like a proper two-seater car. It gets a contrasting green-pink colour scheme that makes it look quite good. The car gets tail lamps from the Tata Ace. It also comes with functional seat belts.

Scissor doors

Scissor doors on hatchbacks look unconventional. This 800 with beautifully done-up scissor doors looks quite good. It gets aftermarket alloy wheels too, but the biggest attraction is the Lamborghini-styled doors that makes it a head turner.


The E-Class is the largest selling vehicle in its segment. It is extremely popular in the market and most executives drive around in one. Here is a Maruti 800 that has been modified to look like an E-Class. The front looks like an E-Class that has been squeezed by Hulk himself. It gets a complete four headlamp set-up with a grille in between. To complete the E-Class look, there is a Mercedes-Benz logo mounted on the top of the bonnet.


SUVs have gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market because of their practicality on Indian roads and an intimidating stance. This Maruti 800 has been given an SUV treatment with a lifted-up suspension and larger 13-inch tyres. To add other stereotypical SUV looks, it gets a front bull bar, oversized mirrors and a spare wheel mounted on the bonnet. It gets rear tail lamps from the Zen classic and badging from Toyota.

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