10 beautiful Ambassadors & Contessas from around India

10 beautiful Hindustan Ambassadors & Contessa cars from around India

Hindustan Motors has given us two really popular cars in the past – the Ambassador and the Contessa. Both these cars enjoy a huge fan base even now and offer a lot of retro charm. Here are 10 beautiful Ambassadors and Contessas from around India.

Resto-modded Hindustan Ambassador

Here’s a really neat Hindustan Ambassador that has been resto-modded by Shibu Sunny John in Kerala. It’s powered by the 2.0-litre diesel engine that came with the regular model. However, this Amby comes with a custom exhaust system. It rides on 15” 9J Rims Wrapped in 195/55/15-spec tires. Up front, it gets a set of custom headlamps with LED DRLs. The new Metallic Ash paint job makes it look even cooler.

Restored Amby by Ceramic Pro Calicut

The Amby you see above has been immaculately restored to its former glory. However, it has some modern touches to look more attractive. It’s basically a 1969 Mark-II Amby that has been restored by Ceramic Pro Calicut. It gets a custom metallic paint-job that highlights the car’s British roots. You also get clear lens indicators and multi-spoke alloy wheels. Other bits include new ORVMs, clear-lens tail lamps, Executive/Power Steering badges, and a chrome-plated muffler tip. The interior also gets a complete makeover. Stunning!

Another Tastefully Modified Amby

This Amby comes with many subtle updates that make it look really classy. There are also many modifications on the inside, which work well to make the cabin have an upmarket look. This Ambassador comes with a deep red or maroon exterior paint and classy dual-spoke alloy wheels. It also gets new fog lamps and body-colored custom ORVMs. On the inside, it gets a brick leather upholstery with red diamond stitching. There is also an always-on rear camera, power windows on all doors, power steering, central locking, and a Bluetooth-equipped infotainment system.

Modified Ambassador from Kit Up!

Here is another beautifully restored Ambassador. This one has been done up by Kit Up. It gets a Frozen Midnight Black matte paint job along with an all-black treatment for the steel wheels. The wheels get a chrome finish. The original grille and the headlamps have been retained but have been chrome-plated again. On the inside, it gets tan leather upholstery. The seats and even the dashboard is covered in tan. The roof has been given black fabric with six LED lamps.

Ambassador Turbo

This red-painted Hindustan Ambassador comes from KS Motorsports. It is based on a 1994 Nissan Sylvia S13. Basically, the chassis of the Nissan Sylvia has been tweaked to fit the Amby’s bodyshell. Powering this Amby is a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that benefits from a Garrett turbo, an intercooler, and a Nismo exhaust system. The suspension is also new and so are the axles. The interior get a red theme. With a peak power of more than 300 bhp, this is easily among the fastest Ambassadors ever.

Modified Hindustan Contessa R/T

This modified Hindustan Contessa gets a handful of styling updates. Up front, most of the original bits have been retained. However, the original grille has been replaced with a wire-mesh unit with an R/T badge. The headlamps have received white beam bulbs. The car gets twin racing stripes that compliment the dark paint scheme rather well. You also get new chrome-plated outside rearview mirrors. Not seen in this image are a tasty set of alloy wheels and a two-door body format. This one’s really among the best looking Contis we have seen recently.

Another muscle-car lookalike

While the Hindustan Contessa, which was based on the Vauxhall Victor, wasn’t a muscle car, it certainly looked like one. Hence, there are many people who have taken advantage of this and given the Conti a proper muscle car look. One such example is in the image you see above. This car goes on to show that anyone who wants a muscle car but doesn’t have the budget to buy a new Mustang can simply pick up an old Conti and easily give it a classic muscle look.

Grey Hound by Modsters Automotive

This one’s another really hot Contessa. Done up by Modsters Automotive, it has been christened as the ‘Grey Hound’. This Contessa too gets a muscle car look. Both the front- and rear-end have been completely re-designed. The side profile looks cooler due to the new deep-dish alloys. Overall, this car looks really BADASS and successfully captures the classic muscle car look.

Chevrolet Contessa

Done up by Big Daddy Customs, this modified Hindustan Contessa looks a lot like the classic Chevrolet Camaro. The front-end of this Conti gets a huge makeover to look a lot like the one on the original Camaro. The twin-headlamp pods have been replaced with single units and the car gets a Camaro-like grille to complete the look. The hood gets a power bulge. The car also gets Camaro-like taillamps, chrome-plated ORVMs, and a black paint scheme to complete that true-blue American muscle car look.

Contessa Charger

This Hindustan Contessa has been given a handful of modifications to look like a proper muscle car. The highlights here include a matte green paint job and a huge intake system on the hood. This Conti also gets a stylish set of rims and wider tires. Thanks to the air intake, it reminds us of the classic Dodge Charger that Vin Diesel drives in the Fast and Furious series

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