10 beautiful ‘UNSEEN’ cars from DC Design

India’s premier design house, DC Design has been around for a while now. And we have seen some extreme design modifications and concepts from DC Design. Dilip Chhabria, the man behind India’s first sports car, has designed some tasteful as well as wacky cars. Here are 10 nice looking cars from DC that most of you may have never seen before.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 6

After making the concept design named as Infidel, Aston Martin Lagonda team approached DC to build the prototype of the Vantage. DC Design house actually made the prototype of the V8 with technical and design inputs from the Aston Martin, UK.


The prototype was first showcased at the Detroit motor show and then went into production line in 2004. The concept carried a 12-cylinder, 5.0-litre engine and became a major hit in the international design house circuits.

London Black Cab

London Cab 1

The iconic London taxi cab was imported to India by DC Design house to experiment with its design. DC took the car and modified it thoroughly to turn it into an uber luxury car. The interiors were changed to wood trim with rear electric reclining seats that could be converted into lounge seats.

London Cab

The car also received a screen to fulfil entertainment needs of the passengers. On the outside, the cab remained more or less the same with very minor updates like alloy wheels to retain the iconic status of the London cab.

Noble M12 GTO / DC GO

DC Noble

The Aston Martin job did a big favour to DC’s reputation and another company, Noble Moy Automotive Ltd approached DC to design a new sportscar. The car was based on the M12 GTR3 and carried some futuristic design. The car was named as DC GO and there were some exquisite features like distinctive headlamps and side scoops for air-intake. The car was powered by a V6 twin-turbo engine by Ford and produced a maximum of 316 BHP of maximum power.


Hummer H2


The popular SUV already looks brutal enough for the world. DC took the Hummer H2 and redesigned the interiors of the car to make it as luxurious as it can be. The Hummer is famous for its rough and tough battle tank interiors, but DC completely changed the design to make it look like a luxury saloon.

Hummer 2

The interiors were made of chrome, aluminium and faux wood. There was also a healthy dose of leather given to the car. The carpets were also upgraded to palatial stature. On the outside, Hummer received upgrades that made it look even more muscular like the Fibre Reinforced Plastic tail lamps and the roof mounted auxiliary lamps.

Range Rover Vogue

DC Design Range Rover Vogue

The flagship SUV from Land Rover is luxurious enough to satisfy the cravings of most sheikhs but DC went a step ahead to modify the interiors of the Range Rover Vogue completely. The car received a partition to separate the rear cabin space. The partition itself got heavily modified with full-on entertainment set-up with screens and speakers.

Range Rover Vogue

The upholstery was upgraded to chic looking red and white while the seats have been modified to lounge-style reclining seats. This is luxury for the richest people of the world. The exteriors were modified with black coloured matte wrap and steel wheels.

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