10 beautifully customized Yamaha RX100/135 motorcycles from across India

Gone are the days when two-stroke engined motorcycles used to dominate the Indian market. The Yamaha RX100 was one of the iconic superstars from the two-stroke engined bike world. The Yamaha RX100/135  is no longer sold in India due to advanced fuel norms. However, enthusiasts continue to keep it alive, both in restored and resto-modded conditions. Here are 10 beautifully customized RX100 bikes.

Iron Soul Machines’ Yamaha RX135 based cafe racer custom

Iron soul Machines, a motorcycle customization brand from Punjab has built the “Pardus”. A café racer based on the platform of Yamaha RX135, the Pardus is finished in matte black and orange shade. The Pardus is powered by a 134 cc two stroke engine.

Yamaha RX100 based scrambler custom

The RX100 always had a scrambler DNA in its looks, and that inspired this custom made RX100 scrambler. This scrambler RX100 is finished in tri-colour shade. It gets a custom fuel tank and seats, combined with rear monoshock assembly. This scrambler RX100 runs on bigger multi spoke rims shod with dirt tyres.

Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs’ Bakki RX135 based cafe racer custom

The “Bakki” is a custom made café racer made by Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs. This custom made café racer is built around a RX135, and gets a custom fuel tank and body work. The bike is finished in gloss black shade and the exhaust is positioned below the seat.

Bombay Custom Works’ Yamaha RX135 based cafe racer custom


Bombay Custom Works is famous for giving a oomph factor to regular bikes. BCW have worked their magic on a RX 135, and turned into an ultimate head turner. The bike is painted in a glorious orange shade mixed with black colour. It gets a rather minimalist design.

Bull City Customs’ Yamaha RX135 Cafe Racer

This unique looking RX135 café racer is made by Bull City Customs. The rugged looks of this café racer RX135 is achieved after a thought of keeping the bike raw. The bike is finished in a raw steel silver colour and uses many hand made parts. The bike gets big 5-spoke alloys shod in classic style tyres.

Nitro.1000 Bhp’s Yamaha RXG Scrambler

1000 Bhp customs turned this beautiful Yamaha RXG into a scrambler named “Nitro”. Nitro gets upgrades on both power and looks. Nitro gets a custom expansion chamber, ported and polished head with big motocross type suspension setup. Brakes on Nitro are upgraded with disc brake system at front. The bike gets a retro dual tone yellow –white shade with side racing stripes.

Nizcita Customs’ RX135 Cafe Racer

10 beautifully customized Yamaha RX100/135 motorcycles from across India

Nizcita, a Chennai based design house, has given a makeover to the RX135, converting it into the Madras Café Racer. Madras Café Racer carries the true-b;ue café racer spirit with a minimalist design and seating position. Finished in yellow-white shade this Madras Café Racer still retains some design highlights from the stock RX135.

Yamaha RX-Z based cafe racer

This unique build is based on Yamaha RX-Z turned into a café racer. The bike holds the true racer spirit with traditional design fairing and seating position that has been customized as a cafe racer. Finished in sinister off grey colour, this café racer aims to retrieve memories of 90s’ racing bikes.

RTM Design’s RX Dirt Tracker

This unique dirt bike setup based on RX 100 is made by RTM Design. The dirt bike based on RX100 retains original parts like suspension and frame. RTM designs have reduced the weight by removing unnecessary parts. This off-road based dirt bike gets an orange paint job to keep the aesthetic appeal high.

IRONic Engineering’s Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer

IRONic Engineering based in Hyderabad turned a simple RX100 into this beautiful café racer. The bike gets a custom body fairing, low slung handlebars and a custom exhaust setup. The bike gets a unique colour combo of flaming Red and silver shade mixed with a tinge of black.