10 beautifully modified motorcycles from Dochaki customs: Royal Enfield, Bajaj Pulsar and IND Suzuki customs!

10 beautifully modified motorcycles from Dochaki customs: Royal Enfield, Bajaj Pulsar and IND Suzuki customs!

Motorcycle customising is slowly gaining popularity in India. There are various customisers of bikes available across the length and breadth of the country. There is one such unique custom motorcycle maker from Pune that offers a range of modified motorcycles from different brands. Here are top ten modifications done by Dochaki.


Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the most modified motorcycles in India. Here is a modification based on the Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark. The cruiser Thunderbird has been completely transformed into a scrambler. The final product looks nothing like a Thunderbird.

The additions include a new flatter handlebar, a twin headlamp set-up with LED lamp, raised seat, customised fuel tank, fenders and many body panels. The bike also gets a customised exhaust to make it sound much better than the regular version of the bike. The changes make it look like a scrambler and increases the touring capabilities of the bike.


The Lokhand is an off-beat motorcycle that looks extremely tempting. The bike is based on the Cast Iron Royal Enfield bike but apart from the engine, nothing in the motorcycle is stock. Even the chassis of the bike has been designed in-house. The Lokhand gets a chopper inspired design with inverted springer forks at front, a solo seat and 200mm-wide rear tyre.

It gets a monoshock at the rear and the clutch system has been updated to dry type. The bike also gets wider handlebar and a speedometer console mounted right on the front right fork. The bike gets an army-inspired exhaust system mounted at the front of the engine.

Spitfire V.82

modified honda cbz spitfire by dochaki customs images

This extremely good looking bike is based on the first-generation Hero CBZ. The bike has been altered to become a cafe racer and a rather good looking cafe racer. The bike’s design is inspired by the World War time Spitfire fighter jets. The bike gets a new sleeker fender, a new headlamp, new forks and a customised tank.

modified honda cbz spitfire by dochaki customs images

The bike also gets black painted spoke wheels and the levers have been chrome plated while the handlebars get a brown taping that gives a quite a mixed look. The other cycle parts of the bike have been given a black paint job to make it look much more sporty.


Dochaki has an excellent reputation for restoring old motorcycles and here is an iconic bike of yesteryears that has been transformed completely to give a bobber look. It is based on the IND Suzuki two-stroke bike. The bike became popular in India because of its high reliability in the time of Yezdis and Royal Enfields. The bike was powered by a 100cc engine.

The bike gets new USD forks and a monoshock. It comes with a customised exhaust and a custom fuel tank too. The bike gets a black paint scheme on all body parts. The fenders have been chopped and highlighted with the body paint colour.


Cafe racers are not very popular in India because of their unorthodox riding position. The Bajaj Pulsar, which is a street bike in its original form, has been changed completely in this modification. The Pruthviraj is a modern Bobber with all-new panels that have been customised in house.

The customised bike gets a new tank, new side panels, mudguard, a new seat and front spring. Forks have been handcrafted to retain the classic feel. The bike also gets open air filters along with Ported Block and piston that makes the engine perform better.


The Peace is another bike based on the IND Suzuki Axe. It is an excellently designed bike that has been transformed into a Bobber. The street bike gets a new customised fuel tank and a new sub-frame that makes the bike look quite different. The bike also gets extended swing arm and bigger tyres. The rear shocks have been replaced with a mono shock suspension. The bike also gets oversized pistons to carry the extra weight of the bike.


A customised machine based on the Royal Enfield looks quite distinguished. The Classic based modification job gets many new body parts and panels. The Brute comes with a customised fuel tank, side panels, new upside down forks at the front and a new custom exhaust system. The bike also gets wide handlebars and a new headlamp. With new alloy wheels, the Brute really looks different from all the other custom motorcycles in the market.


This is most probably the only TVS Star commuter bike that has been modified in India. It comes with orange highlights, like the KTM bikes, and looks quite aggressive. The bike gets a twin headlamp set-up that attracts a lot of attention. The bike also gets a customised fuel tank and a new contoured seat. Covered front shock absorbers and a wider handlebar add a very attractive stance.


As the name suggests, the Blade is a sharp looking custom job done on a Yamaha RXZ 4-speed. The two-stroke bike gets a single-seat, handmade customised seat at the request of the client. The bike gets a new fuel tank, side panel, seat cowl and mudguards which are all handcrafted. The bike also gets a strong design line that flows from the headlamp to the rear cowl of the bike. The engine has been fully re-built to make sure that it lives its younger days.


Here is another Royal Enfield based custom bike that looks exemplary. The bike has been designed for a person who is a big fan of the movie, Top Gun, and the final product is a scrambler, which is a go-anywhere bike. The bike gets new bigger, knobby tyres. The length and width of the Scrambler have been altered to fit in the new bigger tyres. Dochaki has also altered the chassis to add more ground clearance while the handlebars and the tank have been customised.

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