10 beautifully modified Rolls Royce cars from India & the world

10 beautifully modified Rolls Royce cars from India & the world

Rolls Royce is a brand that is associated with opulence, luxury and being stately. Those cars are more elegant than sporty. However, there are a few people who wanted to give their RR a touch of sportiness. Here are 10 beautifully modified Roll Royce from across the globe.

Mansory Phantom Series II

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This one is from a garage in Mumbai itself. Mansory is a German company that does a lot of mod jobs on various vehicles. Rolls Royce is one such specialty. This Phantom featured here is the all new Series II which has been worked on. The company has a whole host of options to chose from interms of the mods. You could opt for various exterior mods, interior mods and even performance mods.

This one here features a black on black theme and looks really gangster. Even the Spirit of Ecstasy has been blackened. The new exterior body kit includes a new front bumper which has been aerodynamically redesigned with 2 vents on each side and a central vent in line with the massive radiator grill of the Rolls. The bumper also sports LEDs.

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Mansory Ghost Series I

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Since Mansory is famous for making RR kits, how can the Ghost be left behind? This one is a Series I though and has been finished in white with the dual tone silver bonnet. This kit is more discrete than outright in your face. There is a new bumper with LED DRLs and redesigned air vents at front. There is also a new vent on the side to improve aerodynamics.

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At the back too, the bumper has been redesigned and there has been an addition of a small lip spoiler to help improve the overall aerodynamics.


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The Wraith is the coupe version of the Ghost. Since the Wraith has a sporty persona, there are a few tuners that have done some crazy stuff with it. SPOFEC is one such tuner. This conversion gives the Wraith a wide body look with ease. The company will be only building 8 cars of the same spec. All the additional bits that have been added to the bumper and the the other parts are all made of carbon fiber to keep the weight done.

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Th body is 13 cm wider at back and the car now sits on massive 22″ alloys. In addition to all this, there is a carbon front splitter and a sportier exhaust. There are changes under the hood as well. The company has managed to extract 85 Bhp more from the 6.6 liter V12 and the engine now makes a massive 717 Bhp of total power. To bring this luxury barge to a halt, the company has installed carbon ceramic brakes.


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If the Wraith gets a custom re-tune, the Dawn, which is the convertible version of the Wraith can’t be left out now, can it? SPOFEC, a part of the Novitec group has come out with a custom package for the Dawn as well. There’s a new front end, side and rear end on offer with this. The company has also put massive 22″ alloys. There is a custom suspension on offer that lowers the ride height by 40 mm at speeds upto 140 kmph. The Dawn now makes 686 Bhp and 980 Nm which is a lot of power.

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Ares Design Wraith

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This tuning shop has been founded by the former Lotus chief executive. The company has come out with a tune and redesign for the Wraith. Visual mods include a new grill which is larger than the existing one, a new set of LED DRLs and a new set of air intakes to give the front end a more aggressive look. The wheels can be had in either 22 or 23″ ones.

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The rear has a new bumper, new tail lamps and a new diffuser. Since the company is a tuner, he has obviously increased the power output of the vehicle. The car now makes 700 Bhp and does the 0-100 sprint in under 4 seconds which is massively impressive for a car that weighs more than 2 tonnes.

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