10 beautifully modified Yamaha RD350 motorcycles from around the world

10 beautifully modified Yamaha RD350 motorcycles from around the world

The Yamaha RD350 is a cult classic like none other. Known for its stonker of a two-stroke engine and an amazing acceleration, the RD350 was the boldest motorcycle of its time. Even today, it has a huge fan-following. India got both the Low Torque (LT) and High Torque (HT) variants, which produced 27 bhp and 30.5 bhp respectively. Here are as many as 10 modified bikes based on the legendary motorcycle.

Baroq Customs’ Yamaha RD350

Yamaha RD350 Supermoto baroq

This has to be one of the best Yamaha RD350s we’ve ever seen. Modded by Baroq Customs, this RD350 has a Cafe Racer look. The motorcycle gets a blue paint scheme and a shorter seat. The front gets a new LED headlamp and misses out on a front fender. The rear also gets a smaller fender and a custom taillamp. Other than this, the motorcycle also gets a custom handlebar. Frankly, there’s nothing too dramatic about this motorcycle but it’s the neatness of this mod that impresses us a lot!

Moving Shadow Customs’ RD350

yamaha rd350 modified

Here is another Yamaha RD350 that has been modified to look more attractive. This one has been given a scrambler look. It gets a slim taillamp, a single-seat arrangement, alloy wheels, disc brakes at both ends, a bikini fairing and a custom paint scheme. Oh, by the way, the sassy lady isn’t part of the package.

Krossover Customs Yamaha RD350

yamaha rd350 modified

Here is a cafe racer-styled Yamaha RD350 that has been created by Krossover Customs. It gets a front disc brake, custom tires, a custom exhaust and an expansion chamber, a single seat arrangement, inverted forks, a new handlebar, and a custom fuel tank. Retro and very tasty, no?

Alexandre Manzotti’s Yamaha RD350

Here is another scrambler-style Yamaha RD350. It gets a slim fuel tank, single-seat setup, fork covers, five-spoke alloys, large petal disc brakes, and a custom exhaust with an expansion chamber. The modified RD350 looks very sporty and very much like a modern Scrambler should.

Hima’s Notorious RD350

yamaha rd350 modified

Here is yet another Yamaha RD350. Cafe racers are doing good business. While most of the cafe racers are based on a Royal Enfield, it’s good to see that bike customizers are even using the very exciting Yamaha RD350 for cafe racer modifications. The Yamaha RD350 cafe racer has been named Notorious by Hima, the owner of this bike.

Justin’s Yamaha RD350

yamaha rd350 modified

Here’s yet another drop-dead gorgeous Yamaha RD350. Even Justin has taken a cafe racer route. His motorcycle gets a bright orange paint scheme, slim seat, clip-on handlebars, disc brake at the front, and a custom exhaust with an expansion chamber. It also gets inverted front forks at the front and new twin shock absorbers at the rear. Neat!

Analog’s Yamaha RD350

yamaha rd350 modified

This RD350 is of the 1973 vintage and has been done up by a motorcycle customization company that goes by the name of ‘Analog’. The motorcycle gets a custom twin exhaust setup with expansion chambers, a flat handlebar, white-painted spoke wheels, front and rear disc brakes, custom seat, custom fuel tank and a new headlight. The clutch was converted from cable to hydraulic, using a Suzuki Bandit slave cylinder.

Modified Yamaha RD350 by MotoExotica

This Yamaha RD350 is from MotoExotica, Dehradun, India and has a rather cutesy look. It gets a small fuel tank and a red-white paint scheme. It also gets inverted front forks, large disc brakes, a custom exhaust, and a custom seat. Looks different and even a bit dainty.

Yamaha RD350 Supermoto by Spoken Moto

Spoken Moto’s Brian Gingerich and his partner have given an RD350 a full makeover and converted it into a Supermoto. Well, much of this motorcycle is new. Starting from the telescopic forks at the front to an extended wheelbase and a fatter rear tire – there’s really nothing that reveals the true identity of the motorcycle. The front-end gets long travel forks, new LED headlights, and a motocross handlebar. It also gets new spoke wheels and a large-diameter petal disc brake up front. The exhaust is also new and has an under seat end-can. Overall, the motorcycle looks really HOT and goes on to show the endless modification possibilities that an RD350 offers.

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