10 BEST driving habits that separates car experts from beginners

There are a few things that distinguish an expert driver from a novice. Here are 10 such things.

Let the engine warm-up

Warm Up Engine

The engine warm-up is a very important thing to do. It doesn’t mean you have to start the car and keep it stationary for a few minutes. It means that you have to drive slowly below 2,000 rpm till the car heats up. Why?

Well the reason behind that is when the engine is cold, the lubrication provided to the whole system is not enough. Also the oil temperature is low which means that the lubrication properties of the oil aren’t the best at start up.

Driving the car hard before letting the car reach temperature will cause excessive wear on the engine and other parts. Also, if you have a turbo car, you should let the car idle for a small amount of time before shutting the engine down. After having driven hard, the turbo needs to cooled down to maximize it’s life. If you shut the car immediately, the oil circulation will not take place and hence the turbo won’t be cooled enough.

Not riding clutch

Riding the clutch

Driving in India involves a lot of stop-go traffic. Since most of the cars sold here are manual, this is an important point. Riding the clutch is basically keeping the clutch pedal pressed while driving. If the pedal is fully pressed or fully released, there is no issue. It is the in-between portion when inching in traffic that causes the most harm.

Some people also have tendency to rest their foot on the clutch even when it is not required. This unknowingly could cause harm to the clutch in the long run. Also if you are stationary at a signal, you should put the car in neutral instead of leaving the car in gear with the clutch pressed.

Using ORVMs

Folded Wing Mirrors Car

This is one thing that is very important, especially in the chaotic Indian traffic conditions. Most people drive with the mirrors shut due to fear of them getting damaged or don’t bother looking into them before changing directions. This can have disastrous consequences.

Driving with the mirrors open and them adjusted properly is very important. So make sure you adjust your mirrors and use them rather than keeping them shut.

Not occupying fast lane of highway


This is a very irritating thing that you will find in most parts of the country. Slow people driving on the fast lane of the highway not moving out even when they see a faster car approaching. Internationally, on a highway, the lane towards the divider is the fast lane that is only used for overtaking and the other lanes are used for steady flowing traffic. This is done to make sure order is maintained.

However, most people in India drive on whatever lane they want at whatever speed, without bothering about other drivers on the road which is a wrong thing. An expert driver will always move out of the way and let a faster car go by and not hog the fast lane on a highway.

Gradual braking

Brake Fade

Slamming on the brakes at the last moment is something an expert won’t do. Why? It leads to excessive wear and tear on the brakes. Hard acceleration and hard braking are not good for the car. If you see an obstacle up front, try slowing down earlier of lifting-off rather than waiting for the last moment to brake. This will not only keep you more comfortable inside but will also help to increase the life of your brakes.

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