10 BEST modified Royal Enfields from Bulleteer Customs

10 BEST modified Royal Enfields from Bulleteer Customs

Earlier this week, we took a look at the Jaipur-based motorcycle customiser, Rajputana Customs. Now we turn our attention to South India’s best-known customisers of Royal Enfield motorcycles, Bulleteer Customs from Bangalore. What started in 2005, as a backyard project, has turned into a custom shop that produces custom bikes that tell the world that you’ve arrived. So let’s take a look at 10 of the best custom motorcycles based on Royal Enfields that have come out of this brilliant custom house in the Garden City.



Inspired by Marvel’s super soldier and one of the last remaining superheroes since Thanos snapped his fingers, this custom Sportster motorcycle was built using a Bullet 350 donor bike and looks like something the Captain would be proud to ride as he took Hydra and that Purple megalomaniac.

The Americana features a 120-mm wide front tyre and a 190-mm rear tyre along with a racing-spec rake and trail and a mean chassis geometry. The front shocks have been retained, but the duo at the rear has been replaced by a horizontally mounted monoshock. Other custom touches include LED headlights and tail lamps, a digital speedometer, custom tweaked rear end with chopped fenders along with custom paint jobs with the Captain’s shield graphics on the rear fender and the sides. The Americana is a true mix of both the new and the old and its custom seat is where Captain America can sit down and ride.


The first time Bulleteer Customs got their hands on a Continental GT, they made the cafe racer into this brutal Scrambler.

Bulleteer Brute

The Brute was built for a customer who complained about the riding position of the Continental GT. To provide a solution, Bulleteer turned the Continental GT into a scrambler that wouldn’t look out of place in a Mad Max movie.
The Brute features a 140-mm wide rear tyre and a 120-mm on/off road front tyre, gunmetal finish engine cases with everything else blacked out. Other features include LED Headlamps, LED multifunction tail-lamps, leather wraps on the handlebar and fork rods, a ribbed seat and a custom job.


Bulleteer Brat
The Brat takes its name from the custom Japanese style that inspired it. This custom styling, was developed by a Japanese custom shop called ‘Brat Style’, which strips down cafe racers to the bare minimum components needed. The donor motorcycle for the Brat was a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350, from 2003.

With its blacked-out paint job, except for the engine casing which has a gunmetal finish, the brat is stealthy, at least before you hear the powerful exhaust vent its fury. Other changes include straight handlebars with elegant-looking mirrors dropping down from the ends, a LED headlamp, digital instrumentation and a hand-stitched beige saddle.


Bulleteer Bratrod-Chief

The Chief is is a custom motorcycle inspired by the growing popularity of the Brat style of customs seen above. It was commissioned by a Merchant Navy sailor who wanted to immortalize his 350-cc Royal Enfield Electra.

The Chief Bratrod is a street legal machine as it features a LED headlight and taillight combo along with indicators mounted on the straight handlebars. The front tyre is 120-mm wide, while the rear is 20 mm wider at 140 mm. The custom paint job is Lamborghini orange and features a large black stripe across the gas tank with custom detailing work. The engine has been tweaked to help this stripped-down bike reach 120km/h.


Inspired by American bobbers and British bikes used in the Second World War, the Icarus is a clean and stylish bobber that draws attention wherever it goes. The Icarus started life as a Thunderbird 350.
Bulleteer Customs have fitted the Icarus with 140-mm wide front and rear tyres shod on to some rather snazzy alloy wheels. Bulleteer Customs has also given the engines a power upgrade to help you tide over the drag created by the fat tyres, while the front suspension has been upgraded to upside down shocks.

Bulleteer Customs has also added subtle power mods to the engine to give it extra juice to overcome the drag from the wider tyres. The exhaust gets a black muffler. This vintage style Bobber will not fail to turn heads on the road.

Sportster 927

sportster 927

The Sportster 927 looks similar to the European Bobber style and started life as a Thunderbird 500. The Sportster gets a host of upgrades including LED headlamps, digital console, front and rear disc brakes, LED integrated customised single seat and a single exhaust that vents air next to the seat.

There are a host of mechanical changes to the Sportster 927 including a custom chassis with a wheelbase lengthened to about 1.6 metres, a tuned engine upgrade for more power along with a more powerful 540cc engine. Other changes are mostly cosmetic.

Shotgun 500

Shotgun 500

The Shotgun 500 is inspired by the bikes used by soldiers in the two world wars and gets a custom Military Green paint job with custom graphics.

Other cosmetic changes to the bike include a modified headlamp with a projector unit fitted into it. The handlebars have been upgraded to straight ones. The tyres are fatter than usual, which are emphasised by the chopped fenders.



The Kattana motorcycle is dedicated to the Japanese Samurai Sword, Katana. The legendary sword can cut through almost anything and the bike’s extremely sharp design does remind you of the Japanese Katana sword.

The edgy design is seen everywhere on the bike including the custom headlamp and fuel tank. The Kattana from Bulleteer gets a straight handlebar and USD forks up front while the rear suspension is a stock unit. The Kattana also sports a 240-mm rear tyre, which looks intimidating.

The Kattana is painted black with gold highlights on the fuel tank, however, the exhaust, rear suspension and kick lever are in their original colour.

White Fang

white fang
One of the older builds from the shop, White Fang is quite the beauty to look at and is based on a Royal Enfield 350-cc UC engine.

White Fang has a typical cruiser design with a stretched wheelbase, single seat, far off footpegs and a few custom touches including those exquisite LED head and tailights, the flat handlebar and the USD forks. The icy white paint job just adds to the elegance of this bike.



The Pantera is inspired by the big cats and gets its name from the Panther. It features a custom headlamp design for the regular headlamps and Xenon units. The taillights are LED units as well. The seat is removable and can be replaced with a single seat.

The motorcycle gets a shiny new paint job but with its upswept exhausts. The most unique feature of the Pantera is the upswept twin exhausts, which highlight the fact that nothing else has changed around them.

Images Via Bulleteer Customs