10 BIG car problems, and really simple solutions

Spending time in the car has become an integral part of most of our lives in the modern times. It would be a lie to say that we do not face everyday problems with our cars. Worry not, we bring you 10 big car problems, and their super quick and affordable solutions.

Fogged windshield

10 BIG car problems, and really simple solutions

With the winters setting in, most drivers at parts of India have started facing this really annoying and dangerous problem of their windshield getting fogged up. Yes, there is a defogger in modern cars but most of the times it just fails to remove the smoked up windshield. The fog forms when the water droplets settle down and condenses on the windscreen.

Simple step to remove it?

Applying a thin film of some substance that can keep the water away from the windscreen will solve this problem. What is that substance? Regular toothpaste. Remove all the dirt by wiping the windscreen clean and then apply the toothpaste gently over the windscreen. Wipe it off with a soft cloth. This will keep the moisture away from the windshield and protect it from fogging up.

Smelly interiors

10 BIG car problems, and really simple solutions

Spending long hours in the car puts us in a position where we can’t avoid grabbing a few bites in the car. Next time we get inside the car, the strong smell of food reminds us of the last meal that we enjoyed inside the very car. It becomes a task to remove the strong odour even after using car perfumes and driving the car with windows down. Why? Because the odour has entered the fabric of your seat.

To remove the adamant odour from the car, use powdered charcoal with baking soda in your car. Mix  both of them and sprinkle the mixture all through the car. The mixture should spend a minimum of an hour on the seat, floor mats and everywhere else to do the job successfully. Remove the mixture by simply vacuuming it up. The method also removes the smoke smell from the car. Smokers, that should help.

Stained interiors

10 BIG car problems, and really simple solutions

The awkward speed breaker or the pothole may spill your warm cuppa or cold ice tea all over your clothes and seat. While you can just wash your clothes to get rid of the not so memorable moment, you can also take the car to a car dry cleaner to make the stains vanish. But the dry clear will quote a massive amount for doing the job, right? We have a home made solution for you.

For coffee stains on the fabric car seat, use regular glass cleaner on a paper towel and keep the soaked towel on the affected area for 5 minutes. Never scrub the surface else the stain will smudge on the seat. The stain will vanish in few minutes. For grease stains, use a liquid washing detergent and rub the affected area after mixing it with water. To remove vomit stains if someone becomes carsick, you can use baking soda and water solution on the stained area after washing it with mild soap. The baking soda will also absorb all the smell. Use a hair dryer to dry the seat after using any of the methods mentioned above.

Exterior scratches

We love our cars to the core and a single scratch on the vehicle can stop our hearts from beating. Even though many car denting and painting shops will repair such scratches, there is always a better way doing it on your own.

All you need is some detergent to clean the surface, sand paper, and polish. The minor scratches can be removed by clearing the surface properly with mild soap. Now depending on the depth of the scratch, use sand paper of 3000 grit and start scrubbing the scratch slowly.

Keep pouring water on the surface to make sure that additional friction does not damage the paint. After the scratch is barely visible, use finer sand paper of 5000 grit and scrub the area in rotating motion. You will notice that the scratch in gone in sometime. Polish the area and it will be as good as new.

Bumper dent

Modern car bumpers are made up of deformable plastic and on impact they curve in very easily to absorb the force and to stop further damage to the car. It is not very uncommon to get see dented bumpers in city traffic where there is no breathing space between the vehicle.

The bumper damage dent can be easily rectified by using hot water. As we all know that plastic becomes soft when it becomes hot. Pouring hot water on the dent allows the bumper to flex more and it sets back to its position on its own. If not, a little nudge from the inside of the car will make the dent vanish in no time!

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