10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

In India, bikers outnumber cars by a huge number due to the affordability of two wheelers. Two wheeler riders, due to them being exposed, face a lot of dangers on Indian roads. Here are the 10 biggest ones riders need to be wary of.

Open manholes

10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Open manholes are one of the most dangerous threats to the bikers. In India, many roads have open manholes, and they are not visible enough. Open manholes can come in front of any biker suddenly and cause grave injuries.

Many incidents from India reported fatal injuries to the bikers because of open manholes. While cars car big enough to not go through manholes but two-wheelers can pass through manholes, which make them extremely dangerous.

Stray animals

10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Stray animals like cattle or dogs are extremely dangerous to the two-wheelers. Stray animals can suddenly charge at vehicles, and the motorcyclists are exposed to such threats. A dog hitting a motorcycle can cause the rider to fall while bigger animals like cattle can charge at youand hit unsuspecting people on two-wheelers.

Cops taking out keys

10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Indian cops are infamous for pulling out keys of two-wheelers when stopping at check-posts. Pulling out the key from a moving motorcycle can cause imbalance and cause the rider to fall. Also, as soon as the key is pulled out, the motorcycle, the engine cuts off, and the engine braking takes over. It becomes difficult to control the vehicle under such situation.

Massive potholes

10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Indian roads are filled with potholes of all shapes and sizes. While the smaller potholes can be avoided or pose a lower level threat to the riders, the bigger potholes are the real danger. Bigger potholes can cause the bike to lose balance and fall down. In most cases, the front tyre of the motorcycles get stuck in the pothole and causes the bike to call.

Oil slicks

10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Vehicles leave residue on the roads. These residues can be oil slicks which are dangerously slippery and pose a threat to the bikers. Hitting such oil slicks at high speed or braking on them can cause the motorcycle to slip and fall. During rainy weather, the flowing water can spread oil on the road, and it can become highly dangerous.

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