10 BIGGEST dangers on Indian highways

Indian highways are regarded as one of the most dangerous highways in the world. Road accidents in India caused 400 deaths per day in 2015 according to data released by the Indian states. We bring you 10 of the biggest dangers on the Indian highways that you need to watch out for.

Slow moving vehicles

10 BIGGEST dangers on Indian highways

Indian highways are filled with slow moving vehicles. Unmarked vehicles like tractors and bullock carts often take the right most lane and cause accidents. These slow moving vehicles become even more dangerous during night time and low visibility conditions like fog.

Always be on a lookout for such vehicles. If you see a vehicle moving ahead in your lane, be cautious and try to judge its speed. Change lane if required because such vehicles do not let you pass.

Parked vehicles on shoulder

10 BIGGEST dangers on Indian highways

Many heavy vehicles like trucks and buses park on the shoulder of the highways when they break down. Such vehicles do not have any warning sign or reflective triangles placed behind them which makes them highly dangerous.

Major parts of the Indian highways do not have lights which make them a top threat. Never overtake from the extreme left lane as such parked vehicles can show up unannounced causing major crashes.

Stray animals

10 BIGGEST dangers on Indian highways

Indian roads are infested with stray animals. Most of the densely populated Indian cities have a huge population of cattle and dogs. The animals often sit in the middle of the road in the night causing a major threat to motorists. Cattle which are bigger in size pose the biggest threat. They can’t be detected easily at night because they do not reflect much light.

At high speeds, hitting such animals can be life threatening. We often read about motorists running into cattle and sustaining fatal injuries and one should very, very careful while driving on highways especially at night. Always be extra vigilant while crossing through cities.

Vehicles on the wrong side

Most motorists prefer to take the wrong carriageway on the highways instead of going ahead and taking a U-Turn. Such vehicles pose huge threat and cause major accidents. There have been accidents reported where vehicles on the right way swerved trying to save the vehicle coming from the wrong side. Mostly, motorcycles are involved in such accidents. If you see a vehicle on the wrong side, slow down and make sure that you announce your position by flashing the high beam and using the horn.

Pedestrians crossing

10 BIGGEST dangers on Indian highways

Even though most cities have overbridge for pedestrians, people generally cross the road by walking across it. Pedestrians crossing are extremely dangerous as they become unpredictable when they see an oncoming vehicle at a high speed. Pedestrians are also hard to spot, especially during night time. If you sense someone is crossing the road, it is always better to slow down and give enough time to the pedestrian to cross the road safely.

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