10 bike mods that are legal and keep you safe from the RTO

The number of motorcycle modifications available in the market is huge. As you know, many of the modifications are not legal and can get your motorcycle seized by the RTO. Well, there are many mods that can enhance the looks and the performance of your motorcycle while staying within the rules laid by the government. Check out these 10 mods you can do, legally.

After market air-filters

10 bike mods that are legal and keep you safe from the RTO

Many aftermarket performance air-filter makers like K&N are a good way to make sure that your motorcycle breathes right and pure. The after-market air-filters clean the air more efficiently, while also promising better air flow than the conventional air filters. Aftermarket air-filters also increase performance slightly, because more air enters the combustion chamber. Also, these filters are washable and reusable, reducing the overall cost of the filters.

Quick Shifters

10 bike mods that are legal and keep you safe from the RTO

Shifting a gear in motorcycle requires a series of action. Pressing clutch, releasing the accelerator, shifting the gear and then releasing the clutch. Quick shifter is an accessory that can eliminate these steps completely. All you need to do gear changes is shift the gear. There is no need to press the clutch or release the accelerator. Quick shifters are available for both carbureted and fuel injected motorcycles. More advanced quick shifters need ECU to operate and can only be installed in high-end motorcycles

After-market suspensions

10 bike mods that are legal and keep you safe from the RTO

Motorcycle suspensions play quite an important role in handling, stability and acceleration of the motorcycle. The standard suspensions are generally made similarly for all the motorcycle coming out of the same assembly line and are not adjusted for the weight of a particular motorcycle. Aftermarket suspensions are highly tuned for particular model of motorcycle and increase the handling capability by a leap.

Touring accessories

10 bike mods that are legal and keep you safe from the RTO

If you are going for long distance touring, a few modifications surely help the rider to carry extra luggage on the highway. Accessories like panniers that are bolt-on and are not welded are perfectly legal. Also, a bigger windscreen, sump guard and engine protectors can be installed without worrying about the motorcycle getting seized.

Better brakes

10 bike mods that are legal and keep you safe from the RTO

Better brakes are the most important features on the motorcycle. At the time of emergency, brakes bring down the situation under control. Upgrading your disc brakes to better high performance brakes are very much legit. There are after market petal discs and brake pads that enhance the performance without fiddling with the existing set-up done by the manufacturer. Fiddling around with the existing mounts is not legal and should be avoided.

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