10 car add ons & accessories. YES or NO

When a person is planning to buy a new car or has just bought one, there is always a dilemma as to what accessories or the add ons he must opt for. We bring you 10 common add on’s and whether they are useful or not.



No, an aftermarket sunroof is not something you should invest on. Though we do agree that a sunroof is a great feature to get the ‘wind in the hair’ experience without having a convertible. Unfortunately, very few manufacturers offer sunroofs in their small/compact cars. This leads to people going the aftermarket way. The cars having company fitted sunroofs come with a roof structure which has been strengthened to take the sunroof into account. The roof is the main component of the chassis providing structural rigidity to the whole car. Cutting a hole in it will weaken the chassis and could cause the roof to cave in. Also they are prone to leakages and rattling.

Paint protection film

paint protection

No, this is not something for everyone. A paint protection film is a transparent film that is placed over the body of the car and it protects the paint from scratches and stone chips. Good paint protection films however are very expensive. For most users who aren’t that particular, it will be cheaper to get your body panel repainted. But if you are of the opinion that there is no substitute to original paint, this is a good investment.

Teflon coating


No, Teflon coating at a dealer level makes no sense. Most dealers just clean the car, apply polish and give it back. If a Teflon coating is done properly, it is only meant to protect the paint from small scratches & make it dust and water repellent. However we suggest you go to a professional detailer and get your car detailed rather than getting a Teflon coating.

Bull bars


No, a bull bar isn’t an accessory we would advise. Given our bumper to bumper traffic conditions, bull bars seem like a great idea. But are they really? The problem with the bull guard is that it protects your car, not you. Every car has a crash structure which is designed to crumble & take the impact and protect you in case of a crash. The bull guard on the other hand will not let the crumple zone work. During a crash, the energy needs to be transferred somewhere. If the car isn’t crumpling, all that energy will come into the passenger cabin which will cause you harm. When the speed is very less, a bull bar is advantageous as it protects the car from minor damage, however it’s always better for the car to take the damage rather than you.

Underbody protection

underbody coating

No, this doesn’t make sense. Every manufacturer coats the underbody of their car with an anti-rust coating to protect it from rusting. So we see no use of getting one done at a dealer level.

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