Continued: 10 ‘Car Guy’ things that are tough to do in India today

Experience a monster truck


Well this is mainly restricted to US. Monster trucks are huge trucks that are used for competitions. These are massive and make you feel like you are sitting on the first floor of a house while inside. They dwarf even the largest SUVs out there. Since India doesn’t really have much interest in motorsports, we miss out on this and NASCAR as well.

Enjoy a convertible


The Indian weather is so harsh that it is not possible to enjoy driving a convertible for most part of the year. Add in the fact that India has a lot of dust and that makes it a little less appealing aswell. One more thing is that people have a habit of spitting out things from moving buses and trucks. Being spat at while you are at a signal is a huge risk if you are driving with your top down. Indian traffic is very noisy, with all the honking so it isn’t peaceful to drive with the roof down either.

Cross international borders with ease


In Europe, it is very easy to pass from one country to another without any issue or permit, as long as you have the visa. Since quite a few European countries require the same Schengen Visa, you can just drive from one country to another without any hassle. In most cases, you will not even know that you have crossed an international border unless you see a road sign in a different language. You can drive internationally from India as well, but you need a lot of permits before hand and it could be tedious task.

Tougher to import cars


India has a very strict policy when it comes to car imports. You cannot just import any car from any country. And this is a very disappointing fact. There are many great cars available abroad that can be great for an enthusiast. Sadly, we cannot get them. You need to have a special license to allow you to import cars. Even if you do have the license, getting the car won’t be a cheap thing either.

Owning a vintage car


The way the current government is going, it has become very tough to own vintage cars. The NGT has proposed that all petrol cars that are over 15 years old and diesel ones over 10 years old need to be scrapped. This leaves those people who collect cars and want to drive their classic cars at a huge loss. Not only that, finding parts for restoration is also a tough job, incase you do want to keep the car at your place.

Also, if you want to modify your car and are looking for parts, it is time consuming and tough job to do so.

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