10 car names you’ve been pronouncing Wrong all this while

Many of us spend a lot of time talking about cars. However, there are many names that we pronounce wrongly invariably. More often than not, these mistakes go totally unnoticed because people are so used to pronouncing these names improperly. Today, we have 10 car names you’ve been pronouncing wrongly all this while along with details on how to pronounce these names correctly. Here’s a video that shows people from various parts of the world pronouncing car names.


Volkswagen is the biggest car maker in the world. However, it’s only a few years since the German auto major has been present in India. While we pronounce Volkswagen as per its spelling, it should be pronounced as ‘folks-va-gun’. As per the Germans, the ‘v ’is turned into ‘f’.


This is yet another German car brand whose name we mispronounce often. While we call it ‘au-di’, it’s actually ‘aww-dee’.


Mercedes is another German car brand name that we pronounce wrongly. However, Mercedes isn’t a German but a Spanish word. Most of us pronounce it as ‘mur-sa-deez’. But the correct way is to put stress on the letter ‘r’ and pronounce it as ‘mur-sed-ess’.


Now, this is tricky!  While it’s easy to say it as ‘B-M-W’ in English, its actual pronunciation is ‘bey-em-vey’. Again, like the Germans do it!


No, Porsche doesn’t become ‘porsh’. Instead, it’s called ‘por-sha’. Simple!


Again, we tend to pronounce as per the spelling, which means most of us end up saying ‘Renault’ wrongly. For the correct pronunciation, all one needs to do is to forget about the letters ‘l’ and ‘t’. Also, ‘a’ and ‘u’ together become ‘o’. Hence, it becomes ‘re-no’.



Peugeot is a popular French car maker that will soon launch in India. However, it’s another name that is often pronounced wrongly. So, Peugeot is pronounced in a way that the ‘e’ and the ‘t’ become silent and the name sounds like ‘poo-jsho’.



Hyundai is one of the most popular car companies in India. However, most of us pronounce its name wrong. While we usually call it ‘Hyoon-dey’, it’s actually ‘Hun-dey’ (rhymes with Sunday).


Fiat is another name we mispronounce often. It’s not ‘Fi-ut’ but ‘Fia-at’.


The popular car brand from General Motors is called as ‘shev-ruh-ley’. Please note that the ‘t’ is silent.

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