10 cars re-imagined by Indian enthusiasts

Car manufacturers spend a lot of money in design and development of their cars. Since they have to appeal to a wider audience, they normally tend to tone down the design to get mass appeal. This doesn’t stop people from coming up with better looking iterations of good looking cars though. Here are 10 cars that have been given a great transformation by Indian enthusiasts.

Tata Xenon


The Xenon pick up truck didn’t do really well in the passenger car segment due to it being more of a lifestyle vehicle. People in India don’t understand the concept of a pick-up truck for personal use. Meet Singh has come up with his iteration of what the next generation Xenon should look like.


The current Xenon borrowed most of its front end from the Sumo Grande. This render carries the same headlamps but everything else has been changed. The grill now gets the honeycomb structure and is all black. The circular fog lamps on the bumper have been replaced by a more sleek unit. The whole front now looks a lot more menacing than the outgoing car. If you have a Xenon and are thinking of ideas to modify it, you should have a look at this.

Ford Figo

Figo auto

The Figo is a good looking hatchback without doubt. The front end has been inspired by the Aston Martin Cygnet, which gives it an interesting look. There is no hot version of the Figo yet. That hasn’t stopped designer SRK has come up with a rendering of what the Figo RS would look like.


Ford puts the RS badge on their extremely sporty models. Currently, the Figo doesn’t have a RS version, however if it did, it would look a lot like this. The front end gets an all new more aggressive bumper with a front splitter. There are DRLs on the bumper as well. The overall grill design is the same but the pattern inside is new. There are side skirts and a new rear spoiler as well. This one certainly looks really good. Hope Ford does do a RS version.

Tata Kite 5

Tata Kite 5 6

Though Tata hasn’t launched the Kite-5 in the market yet, it has the same front end as that on the Tiago. IAB reader Tarun Samuel has come up with his renderings on how the Kite-5 would look if they decided to do a hot hatchback variant based on it and the Tiago.

kite 5

In the front, the headlamp cluster has been changed to sport LEDs. The front bumper now has a lip as well and has been redesigned to be more sporty. At the back is where most of the magic has been done though. Where the the Kite-5 is a compact sedan, this one is purely a hatchback. The rear bumper borrows design cues from the A45 AMG in the form of the vertical vents. The rear has a new diffuser and dual exhausts. Tata should consider this render when they plan to give the Tiago a make over.

kite 5 2

Honda BR-V


The BR-V has been around for a few months now. It looks more like a mix of a SUV and MPV rather than a pure SUV and this is something that is hurting the sales. RBA Design has come up with a more aggressive and muscular design for the SUV which certainly looks nice.


First and foremost, all the chrome elements have been blacked out and now the whole design is in a black theme. The bumper has been changed and is a lot more edgy now compared to before. The larger wheels and the reworked front facia gives it a more SUV look now and it looks like the SUVs in Honda’s American line up.

Maruti Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

When Maruti launched the Ciaz 2 years back, it was considered a good looking car. They even gave it a RS version with a body kit and spoiler which made it look aggressive. But NKS Design came up with their own iteration of the Ciaz, the Ciaz GT-R.


The name may sound very peculiar. The reason behind it being the fact that front end of the Ciaz now sports a GT-R styled grill which gives it an interesting look. At the back, the designer has given the Ciaz an all new bumper which looks really nice. The design has added a lot of flair and muscle to the car. There is a new diffuser with quad exhausts and a new rear spoiler that looks dashing. This kit may soon be available for the Ciaz as well.

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