10 cars & SUVs that’ll DIE soon

The car industry is an ever evolving one. With new products coming out on a regular basis, companies have to stay on their toes in order to have a refreshed model line up. Keeping this in mind, there are a few products that are soon going to die. Some of them will be replaced, however the rest will not feature a replacement.

Maruti Ritz

10 cars & SUVs that’ll DIE soon

While there have been discussions that the Ritz is going to be dead, it is now officially dead. The company recently pulled the plug on the Ritz. The company stopped production of the vehicle in October last year and was awaiting the clearance of stocks before officially pulling the plug on the model.

The main reason for its death is the arrival of the new Ignis, which has become a unique proposition for those looking at a cool and funky alternative to the mundane hatchbacks in the segment. While the Ritz was a practical product, we will sadly not see a new model of it coming in the near future, which means the Ritz name is dead for India.

Maruti Gypsy

10 cars & SUVs that’ll DIE soon

The Gypsy has been a popular car in the Indian car market. It is well known for it being easy to repair and for its off-road ability. Being light and nimble, it is able to tackle the rough stuff well. That is the main reason why it has been the choice of the Indian army for a long time. Sadly, that deal has now gone to Tata Motors and with the defence sales reducing, Maruti will be looking at pulling the plug on the Gypsy. The other reason is that the current vehicle will have to be transformed in order to meet the crash and emission norms, which the company will not be doing due to lack of demand.

Maruti Celerio D

10 cars & SUVs that’ll DIE soon

In an interview, Mr C V Raman, the Executive Director at Maruti R&D said that small diesel engines are going to face a tough challenge given the upcoming emission norms. The transition to BS 6 norms will cause a major cost increase in small diesel engines while some may even require complete redesign due to the fitment of additional parts. Keeping in line with that, the company has discontinued the Celerio diesel, the vehicle with the smallest diesel engine from the company.

Maruti Wagon R Stingray

10 cars & SUVs that’ll DIE soon

The Stingray was introduced as a more premium version of the Wagon R. It had the projector lamps, a more stylish front grill and clear tail lamp cluster. The Stingray name will officially be no more with the company restructuring the Wagon R line up. So the Stingray has been integrated into the Wagon R line and now sits as the top trim of the Wagon R. Hence the Stingray name is officially dead.

VW Jetta

10 cars & SUVs that’ll DIE soon

What is shocking is that the Jetta is also dead. According to a few customers who wished to book the car, the company has stopped accepting bookings for the Jetta. The Jetta has been on sale for a long time with sales dwindling. The company has an all-new Jetta based on the MQB platform coming, however they don’t intend to bring that to India. This sadly means the Jetta brand name is dead in India. The company sold 0 units of the vehicle last month.

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