10 cars that we won’t mind buying if they come back

There are many new-age car options in the automotive market of modern India. If we turn back time, there were many options in the market that were different from the mass segment vehicles. The Indian market would have been much more diverse if such cars were available in the modern world. We bring you a list of 10 such cars that we would not mind buying if they come back in the market.


Hindustan Contessa

10 cars that we won’t mind buying if they come back

The rebadged form of Vauxhall Victor, Hindustan Contessa was a hot sedan in its time. The Contessa was launched in India at a time when muscle cars were setting the trend around the world. Even though the Contessa was not a muscle car, it sure had the genes of muscle car and did look like one.

There has been not a vehicle that gave the muscle car’s sharp, boxy looks in India since then. The iconic Mustang still holds a valuable space in many collector’s car garages in India. If Hindustan Contessa makes a come back now, it would be a major attraction for young car buyers, who love strong looks. A prepped up Contessa with turbo petrol engine will make perfect sense for the Indian market in modern times.

Maruti Zen Carbon and Steel

10 cars that we won’t mind buying if they come back

India has always shied away from 3-door vehicles because of the lack of practicality. Maruti launched the limited edition Zen Carbon and Steel in India when regardless of the practicality factor and it received quite a traction among the enthusiasts.

Indian market gets a lot of powerful hatchbacks now but nothing with the flair of the 3-door Zen. The small, hot hatchback Zen in 3-door form can take away the thunder from the current generation of 5-door hatchbacks in the market. Maruti will launch the Baleno RS hot hatchback soon in India but will it be as cool as the Zen Carbon and Steel? We doubt.

Mahindra Classic 4X4

10 cars that we won’t mind buying if they come back

Mahindra Classic Jeep was one of its kind SUV. The short wheelbase of the Classic gave it tremendous capabilities on the off the road sections. The Classic was also used widely in the Indian Army for its capabilities. In the modern world, Thar can be termed as the spiritual successor the Classic Jeep, but the Thar’s heavy weight makes it less agile.

The open top Classic Jeep’s look makes it very desirable vehicle. Classic was also famous for its leaf type suspension that allowed it to take on the most difficult terrains but also made the ride quality little bumpy. The return of Classic would mean a cheaper alternative for the Thar in the market, something every off-road enthusiast looks forward to, especially because Thar carries a very big price tag with it.

Skoda Octavia vRS

10 cars that we won’t mind buying if they come back

Skoda Octavia vRS was a proper Rally Sports version of the sedan. The car was powered by 1.8-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine that generated a maximum of 150 BHP. Skoda also added trick suspension setup to the vRS, making it accomplished, especially during the corners. The Octavia vRS was also within the budget of many enthusiasts.

Octavia vRS is known for its handling capabilities, and even though the company offers the new Octavia in 1.8-litre turbocharged engine, the handling part is missing because of the absence of trick suspension. Now that many Indians have access to the tracks across the country, the return of the Octavia vRS will be a welcome move for the enthusiast community.

Honda Civic

10 cars that we won’t mind buying if they come back

The premium sedan, Civic is one of the most loved vehicles by the Indian enthusiasts. The elegant looking car was one of the best sellers in the D-segment in India at one point of time. Honda’s reluctance of introducing diesel engines in the country forced the Civic to lose ground, and finally, the vehicle vanished from the country.

The Civic came with some new-age technology like a digital speedometer. The car did have a charm of its own because of Honda’s potent 130 BHP-171 Nm, 1.8-litre petrol engine. Even though a comeback of Civic is on the cards, we are yet not sure if the car will return to the country. In its latest form, Civic can put other vehicles in the segment to shame.

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