10 cars that’ll die soon

Cars dying is as natural as the sun rising. But there’s a big difference. The sun never fails to make an appearance, but no so the cars. Some cars go into the history books, while a few others are replaced. Today, we’ll take a look at 10 cars and SUVs that’ll soon die in India. Some will have better models replacing them. Others will go into the history books.

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova Limited Edition MPVToyota Innova Limited Edition MPV

By the end of next year, India’s best selling MPV will hit the exit button. It’ll be replaced by what’s expected to be a much better model though, in the form of the 2016 all-new Innova. The new Innova will be larger, more powerful and feature laden. It could be a little pricier too. Here’s how it looks like, and here’s all you need to know about it.

Toyota Fortuner


The current Fortuner, India’s best selling luxury SUV, will stay on for longer than the current Innova, but will also be discontinued in the times to come. Like the Innova, the Fortuner will be replaced by an all-new model, one that’s larger, more powerful, more fuel efficient and feature filled. The SUV is also expected to get pricier. Here’s how it looks like, and here’s all you need to know about it.

2016 Toyota Fortuner SUV 172016 Toyota Fortuner SUV 17

Tata Indica

Tata Indica eV2Tata Indica eV2

The Zica is weeks away from being launched, and is touted to replace the Indica. While the Indica may live on until the BNVSAP safety norms kick in, mainly to satiate the demand from the cab market, this is one  car whose days are numbered. The BNVSAP norms call for ABS and Airbags, across variants, features that Tata might not want to want to engineer into the Indica, who’s been around for nearly a couple of decades, without these safety options.

Tata Zica 1Tata Zica 1

Tata Indigo eCS

tata indigo ecs cng emaxtata indigo ecs cng emax

This car spawned the sub-4 meter compact sedan segment of the world, and is a ground breaker of sorts. But it’ll soon be history, just like the Indica. While the Indigo eCS did offer ABS on certain variants, it never got airbags all it’s life. There’s no point in putting airbags in just to service the cab market, especially with the Kite compact sedan ready to replace the Indigo eCS. So, it’s soon going to be, goodbye Indigo, hello Kite.

Tata Kite Compact Sedan Render 1Tata Kite Compact Sedan Render 1

Tata Nano Twist

Tata Nano CNGTata Nano CNG

The Nano GenX is here, and the older Nano Twist, now available only in CNG trim, is soon set to ride into the sunset. The GenX variant of the Nano will instead offer the CNG option. With the Nano soon set to share production at Sanand with the likes of the Zica and upcoming Kite compact sedan, the pressure to use up production capacity will ease, giving Tata more than one reason to stop producing the Nano Twist, which represents the first generation of the car. Remember, BNVSAP is coming soon, and only the GenX variants are engineered to meet it.

Skoda Superb

Skoda SuperbSkoda Superb

A new Skoda Superb based on the MQB platform, which it shares with the B8 Volkswagen Passat, will be here in India early next year. The current Superb is already dead as CKD assembly of this car at Skoda’s Aurangabad factory has ground to a halt, in anticipation of the new car.

2016 Skoda Superb Luxury Saloon 12016 Skoda Superb Luxury Saloon 1

Mitsubishi Montero

Mitsubishi MonteroMitsubishi Montero

Mitsubishi has announced that the Montero, sold as the Pajero in most international markets, will not be replaced. This means that this luxury is dead-before-arrival, as far as India goes. Mitsubishi did have plans to relaunch the Montero in India, as a range topper. With the latest announcement of the Montero’s demise, this doesn’t seem likely.

Maruti Omni

Maruti Suzuki OmniMaruti Suzuki Omni

For long, the Maruti Omni has been called the death box on wheels, due to the minimal protection the vehicle offers to its front passengers during frontal collisions. While these fears haven’t been enough to detract buyers, this best selling passenger van may soon lose the ‘passenger’ tag status. With the BNVSAP all set to kick in from 2017, the van is likely to go the cargo-only way, or even perhaps be killed forever.

Maruti Gypsy

maruti gypsymaruti gypsy

A staple among military and paramilitary forces, the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, known as the Samurai internationally, is another vehicle that’s likely to be killed soon. Currently, popular only among off roading enthusiasts in India, this petrol-only SUV offers little incentive to Maruti for keeping it alive by adding ABS and Airbags. In that light, a culling is in order.

Fiat Linea

Linea T-JetLinea T-Jet

The Linea C-Segment sedan is on its way out globally, and is soon expected to be culled from Fiat India’s portfolio too. It’s already a dismal seller, and the Abarth version of the car may be launched as a last ditch attempt to strengthen the brand Fiat more than the car itself. The Linea’s global replacement, the Egea, is already out. The Egea is expected to make its way into India sometime in 2017.

2016 Fiat Aegea Sedan 12016 Fiat Aegea Sedan 1