10 cheapest cars & SUVs with sunroofs; Honda WR-V to Mahindra XUV

Car buyers in India often keep the feature-list as their top priority while choosing a car. The latest feature that has become popular in the market is the sunroof. Here is a list of ten cheapest vehicles in India with a sunroof.

Honda WR-V

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 8.99 lakh

Honda launched the compact SUV, WR-V earlier this year. The Jazz based SUV has become quite popular and in some months, it also sells more than the City sedan. The WR-V is only offered in four variants. Two in petrol and diesel each. The top two variants of the WR-V offer sunroof. It is also the cheapest car with sunroof in India.

Hyundai Verna

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 9.5 lakh

The all-new generation of Hyundai Verna was launched earlier this year. The sedan is very popular among the car buyers especially because of its long feature list. The Hyundai Verna also offers the sunroof, which makes the only second car in the segment to do so.

Honda City

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 11.54 lakh

The Honda City sedan has remained as the most popular sedan in the segment for a long time now. The latest generation of the Honda City became the first car in the segment to offer the sunroof. The car is available in both petrol and diesel engines with automatic transmission available with the petrol version.

Hyundai Elantra

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 16.59 lakh

Hyundai launched the thoroughly updated Elantra earlier this year in India. The D-segment sedan competes with the Toyota Corolla but offers a much longer equipment and feature list. The top-end of Elantra offers a sunroof with both petrol and diesel variants.

Mahindra XUV 500

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 16.65 lakh

The best selling car in the D-segment recently got some aggressive competitors. To keep up in the game, Mahindra launched the W10 variant of the XUV 500 that is the new top-end model of the SUV and offers a sunroof. The XUV is the only SUV in the segment that offers a sunroof.

Tata Hexa

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 11.99 lakh + Luxe kit price

Tata launched the Aria replacement in the market and it has received a decent response from the market. Tata does not offer sunroof as a standard fitment but there is an extra pack that you choose if you want the sunroof. Tata calls it the Luxe package and it adds a few features like an illuminated front logo, sidesteps and chrome garnishing alongside a sunroof. The price of the kit that is mentioned is excluding the price of the sunroof.

Hyundai Tucson

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 18.99 lakh + Sunroof price

The Hyundai Tucson is the fastest accelerating SUV in the segment. The mid-size SUV re-entered in the Indian market after skipping a generation. The new Tucson offers many features and the top-of-the-line variant offers optional panoramic sunroof too.

Skoda Octavia

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 21.21 lakh

Skoda Octavia was launched in a facelifted avatar earlier this year. The new Octavia comes with distinct four headlamp pods and looks extremely premium. The Octavia comes with a host of high-end features and one of them is the sunroof. The car offers sunroof with petrol and diesel variants but only with the automatic option.

Skoda Superb

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 24.43 lakh

The flagship sedan of Skoda in India is often compared with the entry-level German cars because of its features, built quality and space. The Superb offers many unique features like umbrella holder in the door, notchback boot and more. It also offers electric sunroof with both the manual and automatic options.

Honda CR-V

Cheapest variant with sunroof price: Rs. 26.52 lakh

honda crv features

Honda’s flagship SUV has a good fan following because of the comfort level it offers. The full-size SUV is only available in petrol version and offers many high-tech features including a sunroof.