10 ‘close encounters’ with wild animals on Indian roads: Tiger vs Bolero, Rhino vs Ecosport, Lion vs Innova & more!

Indian roads have their fair share of flora and fauna. While we see many incidents involving stray animals on the highway, there are many such incidents that involve wild animals too. With the rapid development of cities and villages, the human civilisation is entering many areas where wild animals are abundant and on some occasions, close encounters may happen. Here are ten such situations involving wild animals.

Tiger attacks Maruti Gypsy in Ranthambore

Out of many tiger sanctuaries in India, Ranthambore is one of the most famous ones. Tiger spotting is quite regular in Ranthambore and here is one such incident where the tiger chased and almost attacked the tourists. The tiger can be seen hiding in the woods first when the tourists stop to click pictures. The tiger then attacks the open Maruti Gypsy. Then again, the tiger resurfaces on the road and runs after the vehicle. It is extremely important to stay calm in such situations. Any sudden movement can put the animals in distress and they see you as a threat. Here, something must have aggravated the tiger to attack the car. It is always a good idea to act calm, not make any movements and pay no attention to the animal.

Ford EcoSport attacked by Rhino

This video from Assam went viral on the Internet. A Rhinoceros can be seen on the main highway and attacks the Ford EcoSport and other cars on the road. The video has been taken from a vehicle that is following the animal on the road. When in such situations, it is important to make sure that you never get out of the vehicle and panic. Many vehicles can be seen dodging the animal and going too close to it. Wild animals can be unpredictable and can cause harm if you get too close. Always stay far away from them.

Tiger attacking Mahindra Xylo in Bannerghatta

Another incident from Bannerghatta near Bangalore shows a Tiger running after a vehicle after the vehicle was stopped to click pictures of the animal. Tigers are predators and they will attack if they see you as a threat. The video shows the Mahindra Xylo stopping and the tiger coming towards them instantly. It also shows how the officials present in the vehicle asked the occupants to not click pictures.

Tiger encounter with Hero Splendor

Here is another tiger encounter with a group of bikers who stopped in the middle of the jungle. Even after being warned, they stayed at the spot when the tiger came out. Luckily, it passed them and did not do anything dangerous. It is important that people who cross protected areas do not stop in the middle even if they are in cars and feel safe. Be extra cautious when you’re on two-wheelers because there is no external protection to save them.

Elephant attacks Bajaj Pulsar

This video shows a Bajaj Pulsar with rider and pillion in the middle of a forest road. The elephant can be seen attacking the bikers who leave their vehicle on the spot and start to run in the opposite direction. Elephants sometimes cross the roads to go from one place to another and it is important to not start the vehicle as soon as they cross because they are very protective about the herd and can attack people even if the onlookers do not have any intention of attacking the elephants.

Elephant attacking Maruti Gypsy

This incident of a forest safari gone wrong shows an elephant attacking the tourists on a jungle safari. The maruti Gypsy full of tourists was possibly too close to the elephant herd and made them feel threatened. It can be seen that the animal did not want to hurt the onlookers, and despite a threatening posture and fake charge towards the tourists, did not actually attack. In such situations, always obey the instructions of the tourist guide faithfully. The lady who can be seen jumping out in panic of the Maruti Gypsy, was perhaps too scared – but such a sudden movement could been seen as a threat by the elephant, and could have escalated the situation. Always stay inside the vehicle unless instructed to do otherwise.

Motorcycle attacked by an elephant in Kerala

The Elephant population is quite thick in Kerala and other southern states of India. Here is a video that shows two people on a bike crossing an elephant corridor when the elephant attacks them. The biker panics and does not stop. He gets off the road and starts speeding away. Due to bad road conditions, the pillion rider also gets thrown off the bike. But the biker does not stop at all. this situation could have been avoided if they were aware of what was ahead of them and stopped early enough. That would have given them enough time to escape if the animal actually charged them.

Toyota Innova attacked in Bannerghatta

This video from Bannerghatta shows a pride of lions on the road and a Toyota Innova stopping to have a closer look at them. After some prowling around and surrounding the Innova, the male lion tries to attack the Toyota MPV. The driver panics and tries to leave the spot. It was not required, and perhaps could have made the lion more aggressive. Now, such animals are not smart enough to break open a window a vehicle and get inside, and you will be safe normally as long as you do not act in panic inside the car and further draw its attention. Ensure the doors are locked, and sit still.

Tiger attacks motorcycles

Here is a video that shows a car stopping at a secluded road and recording the video. It can be seen that a few bikers decide to go ahead on the road regardless of the dangers of wild animals. The second biker can be seen attacked by the tiger at the spot. Always be in a group while crossing such roads. Moving in groups show that you have strength and animals would not attack a powerful group. Being alone, especially on bikes, can be dangerous.

Motorcycle attacked by a streak of tigers

This video shows how dangerous it can be if you’re on a motorcycle and crossing such protected places. A streak of wild tigers can be seen around a bike. The biker has stopped and has also switched off the engine. The tiger does not attack but comes extremely close to the motorcycle. Any sudden movements could have turned out to be fatal for both the riders. Again, while crossing such places, moving in a group always helps.

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