10 concepts you didn’t know existed

Over the past, car manufacturers have showcased a lot of concepts to woo us over. Some have been lucky enough to get produced, others have been forgotten. Here are 10 such concept vehicles which gained a lot of attention back in the day, but now are no where to be seen.

Hyundai Qarmaq

10 concepts you didn’t know existed

Hyundai showcased a coupe crossover (CUV) concept at the 2008 Delhi Auto Expo. The name Qarmaq was got from the unconventional materials that were used to built this concept. Instead of using sheet metal for the body, plastic was used and instead of using paint, the colour the material was moulded in was used.

The glass windshield was also replaced by a glazed polycarbonate resin that allowed a panoramic styled roof with a single layer of glass. This was done in order to keep weight low. Powering the concept was a 2.0 liter turbo deisel engine. Sadly we are yet to see any couple like SUV from the brand.

Tata Indiva

10 concepts you didn’t know existed

Back in 2002, Tata motors showcased an interesting concept, the Indiva. The vehicle was a compact MPV like hatchback. Though it had only 5 seats, it was tall, like a MPV which means room on the inside and the boot space would be decent. According to the technical specs that were revealed, it was to be a sub 4-meter vehicle powered by a 1.4 liter engine making 53 Bhp and 85 Nm. Sadly, this vehicle never saw the light of day.

Chevrolet EN-V

10 concepts you didn’t know existed

The EN-V is a two seat electric vehicle concept that was showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo. Given that India has a shortage of space, be it road space or parking space, such a small, two seater pod will be very useful. The vehicle, being electric can travel 40 kms on a single charge. The pod was designed keeping the future vehicle to vehicle communication in mind and hence has sensors and wireless communication installed on board.

Tata Cliffrider

10 concepts you didn’t know existed

The Cliffrider is an interesting product from Tata motors. It was unveiled at the 2006 Geneva Motor show as a lifestyle vehicle. It was a pick up truck cross over with a dual cab. The concept also had the Rolls Royce styled suicide doors. Up front, the vehicle looks like it was the base for the Aria SUV. Though Tata did come up with a lifestyle pick-up, the Xenon, it was no where as cool looking as this one.

DC Eleron

10 concepts you didn’t know existed

DC, at the 2014 Auto Expo unveiled the Eleron concept. The Eleron was a targa top crossover that had the ruggedness of a SUV, but stood out due to its different styling. Powering the Eleron was a 2.0 liter turbo petrol engine making 265 Bhp and 360 Nm. The engine was capable of putting down power to all 4 wheels. The vehicle had a space frame chassis made of carbon composite material making sure it was light and rigid. The company was planning to mass produce this like the Avanti, sadly that hasn’t happened yet.


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