10 crazy-cool presidential car options for Donald Trump!

As the next president of the USA is getting ready to take on the office from January 2017, the officials are working at full steam to prepare for his arrival. The president of the United States is said to be the most powerful and important person on this planet and to protect him during his movement, secret service uses specialised vehicles. GM is already preparing the next the upgrade of “The Beast”, the official presidential vehicle of the POTUS. Meanwhile, we are here with 10 cars that we think will suit Mr. Trump perfectly!

Dartz Motorz

Why? Because any other metal than gold does not meet President Trump’s standard

10 crazy-cool presidential car options for Donald Trump!

Latvia based Dartz Motorz is popular in many parts of the world for making specialised armoured vehicles for important persons. The company themselves suggested that the next limousine for the president should come from them and sent the picture of the SUV. As we all know that Donal Trump keeps very high standard in life, the suggested SUV will suit him perfectly.

The SUV is heavily armoured and all the metal that has been used in the car has been covered in gold. There is not a single spec of metal at microscopic level which does not have the cover of gold on it! This car will perfectly suit the next USA president and announce his arrival loudly.


Why? To run over terrorist vehicles

10 crazy-cool presidential car options for Donald Trump!

To start with, the meaning the name of this vehicle is to plunder or a raider and we promise it has nothing to do with the characteristics of President Trump. The vehicle is produced by a South African company and is known as one of the most protected vehicles in the world.

The armoured vehicle can survive every kind of bullets and even anti-tank mines cannot stop this vehicle. It has a range of 700 km and can go straight through walls and other parked cars, as shown by ex-TopGear presenter, Richard Hammond.


Why? Because Putin and Trump should become buddies!

10 crazy-cool presidential car options for Donald Trump!

Don’t worry, we also don’t know how to pronounce that name. Only recently, President Putin of Russia took the first step towards friendship with the President Trump and said that he would like to work together with the new president. Now that an all-new Russia made limousine will be put into President Putin’s service next year, we thought that gifting the same car to Trump will prove to be a big sign of friendship.

The new car project has received a grant of Rs. 370 crore! There will be 200 units of the car available to the public too. The highly safe car is said to have most advanced safety technology till date. The engine of the car will come from Porsche.

Conquest Knight XV

Why? To scare ISIS just by driving in it

10 crazy-cool presidential car options for Donald Trump!

The Knight XV is a hand-built SUV that’s MASSIVE! The vehicle is 20 feet long, 8.2 feet wide and 8.3 feet tall. It can eclipse any other SUV in this world easily. The vehicle weighs close to 6 tons and comes with ballistic proof run-flat tyres. Power is drawn from 325 BHP, 540 Nm  V8 petrol engine supplied by Ford.

Each vehicle takes almost 4,000 hours to be built completely  and is tested against most advanced weapons in this world. The SUV also gets custom leather upholstery, flat screen TV and a satellite communication system. It also has night vision camera and provision to connect PS3 or Xbox to the TV.

GMC Yukon XL

Why? To send good signal towards Mexico

10 crazy-cool presidential car options for Donald Trump!

President Trump has not been very friendly towards the neighbour, Mexico. To send positive signal across the border, we suggest that Mr. President takes makes the GMC Yukon XL his official vehicle.

The made-in-Mexico Yukon is a badass looking SUV. The big brute SUV is powered by a 6.2-litre V8 engine that generates 420 BHP. The GMC Yukon XL also has all kind of luxury features to make the president comfortable and will keep Mexico in his good thoughts for sure.

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