What a 10 crore rupee Rolls Royce Phantom super luxury car feels like

Rolls Royce is known for making one of the world’s most luxurious car. The British car manufacturer has several luxury saloons and SUVs in their line up and it is officially sold in India as well. Rolls Royce is one of those vehicle which has easily found a spot in the garages or several movie celebrities and businessmen. Rolls Royce Phantom is the most expensive saloon sold by the manufacturer in India. A brand new standard Rolls Royce Phantom would cost around Rs 9.50 crore, ex-showroom. There are some who have bought this uber-luxurious sedan in the country and here we have a video that shows how does it feel like inside a Rolls Royce Phantom.

The video has been uploaded by Neeraj Elangovan on his YouTube channel. The vlogger starts by talking about the sheer size of this luxury sedan. It is almost  5.76 meters long and the Toyota Innova in which they were following the Rolls Royce looked like a small car. The vlogger along with the owner of this Rolls Royce Phantom got into the front seat to talk about the interior.

First thing, the owner mentions inside the cabin is the starlight roof liner. Rolls Royce can customise the starlight roof depending upon customer’s choice. The cabin looks very plush on the inside. This Rolls Royce Phantom gets a tan colour interiors with gloss black wooden inserts at places. It looks luxurious from every angle. The dashboard on Rolls Royce Phantom is known as Gallery and it is encased in glass.

It even gets a screen that shows 360 degree camera view, night vision and many other infotainment features. It has a completely digital instrument cluster and just like other RR vehicles, there is an analog clock on the dash as well. The Rolls Royce Phantom seen here is not a standard version. The owner has chosen a Phantom package which gives him Rolls Royce monogram on headrests, rear seat entertainment screen, picnic table and many other features. Owner also mentions that, if you want to install curtains inside the car, then you have to pay Rs 15 lakh.

What a 10 crore rupee Rolls Royce Phantom super luxury car feels like

Other than Phantom package, the owner has paid extra charges to get the spirit of ecstasy embossed on the door pads. Rolls Royce Phantom gets automatic doors. It gets suicide doors and can be closed with the touch of a button. At the rear, Rolls Royce Phantom gets a very plush seat with huge amount of leg space and decent amount of headroom. The vlogger was above 6 ft. and he could comfortably sit inside. It had 10 different massage functions and the buttons for controlling the rear entertainment screen and picnic table are placed here. It also gets a small refrigerator which comes with two temperature settings.

Then the vlogger takes the car out for a spin and he mentions that it has a commendable ride quality. The gearshifts are seamless and the occupants won’t even notice the speed at which the car is going. The transmission keeps on receiving updates from GPS constantly and the car decides the gear depending upon the terrain ahead. This gives a smooth ride to the occupants inside the car. The cabin is so silent that you won’t even realise that the engine is running. It returns a fuel efficiency of around 2.5-3 in city and 4-5 kmpl on highways and it uses Octane 97 fuel. Overall, the vlogger was very happy with Rolls Royce experience and he mentions that the price is definitely worth the features, quality and comfort that it is offering.