10 'custom-built' Mahindra SUVs you can buy straight from the factory: Scorpio Darkhorse to Bolero Stinger!

10 ‘custom-built’ Mahindra SUVs you can buy straight from the factory: Scorpio Darkhorse to Bolero Stinger!

The custom car scene in India has finally come of age. Today, we have many skilled car customizers that have time and again impressed us with their skills and quality workmanship. What’s even better is that even the car companies have started providing customization options for more of their products. Mahindra & Mahindra, for instance, offers some really cool customization kits for their popular UVs. Here, in this post, we take a look at 10 custom-built Mahindra models you can buy in India –

KUV Xtreme

The Mahindra KUV100 is the smallest model in its manufacturer’s lineup. In spite of its small dimensions, the KUV100 manages to look sufficiently muscular and SUV-ish. At this year’s Auto Expo, the company showcased a custom-made KUV100 that looked even more brutish due to several new styling bits and a bolder stance. Dubbed as the KUV Xtreme, this modified KUV100 comes with a muscular body kit that includes flared wheel arches, black plastic cladding, and a rear diffuser. The customized KUV also gets a wider track and larger rims. The car also has a twin exhaust system and a matte orange paint job.

TUV300 Armor


Another interesting custom-Mahindra that is now on sale is the TUV Armor. The Armor is actually a heavily accessorized version of the TUV300, the first of its kind in the sub-4 meter compact SUV segment. The vehicle has been designed by Mahindra’s customization wing.

Thar Daybreak

The Thar Daybreak was put on a display at the Auto Expo 2016. It comes with several updates that make it appear bolder and much more appealing. At the front-end, it gets a factory-fitted winch that has been bolted on to a custom bumper. The headlamps carry DRLs while the taillamps are LED units. The hood gets a giant scoop. The biggest highlight, however, is the new design for the doors. The Daybreak also enjoys a higher ground clearance.

Thar Wanderlust

Mahindra and Mahindra showcased the Thar Wanderlust at this year’s Auto Expo. The Thar Wanderlust is basically a slightly wilder version of the Thar Daybreak. It comes with gullwing-like doors and a matte-finish electric blue paint shade. It also gets a set of really wide tires. The front grille is new and the fenders are custom-made. It also gets a winch for that hardcore off-roader appearance. The Wanderlust also boasts a twin exhaust system. It continues to draw power from a 2.5-liter CRDe turbo-diesel motor that produces 105 Bhp-247 Nm.

Scorpio Mountaineer

The Mahindra Scorpio Mountaineer gets a comprehensively updated exterior that makes the SUV look a lot more macho. The front-end gets a new grille, new bumper, and a 3-pod headlamp setup. This Scorpio, which has a pick-up layout, also gets a bumper mounted towing rings, deep dish alloy wheels, side scoops, CRC steel rear metal bumper, snorkel, and off-road-ready tires and custom rims. This customized Scorpio comes draped in a custom grey paint job with several red highlights.

Scorpio Darkhorse


The Mahindra Scorpio Darkhorse gets a matte grey paint job that makes it look a tad more rugged. It also gets a more-rugged looking front-end courtesy of a wire-mesh grille that squares off the car’s front fascia. There’s also a new bumper that carries a set of foglamps near the registration plate housing. The original headlamps have been replaced with 3-pod units. The Darkhorse gets a dual-cab pickup body format.

Scorpio Extreme

The Mahindra Scorpio Extreme is another custom job from Mahindra Customization that gives the popular SUV a dual-cab pick-up truck body. The front end gets a set of aux lamps that are mounted on a metal bar fixed to the front bumper. This modified Scorpio also gets some plastic cladding on the wheel arches, a sunroof, custom roof rails, and a custom yellow paint job.

Bolero Attitude

The biggest highlight of the Mahindra Bolero Attitude is that it has only two doors. The front-end gets a new bumper that features towing rings and a bold grille. The original headlamps have been replaced with custom units that old a projector setup. The hood gets a scoop and there’s also a snorkel to complete the off-road look at the front. The wheels are new and look a lot more attractive. There’s also a pickaxe mounted just above the rear wheel arch. The interior gets a black-tone with orange highlights that match the exterior paint shade.

Bolero Stinger

Mahindra Customizations sells several versions of the Stinger. The one seen above is based on the earlier iteration of India’s popular UV. This one gets round headlamps and indicators that replace the rectangular units and a rather chunky front bumper that carries a set of foglights near the registration plate housing. Also, this modified Bolero has been given a dual-cab pick-up layout, which makes it look slightly more rugged. The engine has been left untouched.

Bolero Stinger – II

Like we said, there’s another Bolero Stinger custom option that’s based on the latest iteration of the popular UV. The Stinger II too features a dual-cab pick-up truck layout but comes draped in a shade of blue. The front-end remains almost the same but the hood gets several faux air vents. There are also some warning lights just above the front windshield. The side-profile is characterized by custom alloys an several new plastic bits. The pillars have been painted black to make the UV look a tad more premium.