10 ‘custom-built’ Mahindra SUVs you can buy straight from the factory: Scorpio Darkhorse to Bolero Stinger!

India’s custom car scene is on the ascendancy with numerous custom shops around the country coming out with tastefully designed modified cars that really show off the skill, workmanship and style of these desi modifiers. Manufacturers have also jumped into the game offering factory-built custom versions of regular models that help owners to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Mahindra & Mahindra is one such manufacturer and its custom offerings for several of the UVs in its lineup are rather appealing. So, let’s take a trip into the world of custom factory-built Mahindra models that you can buy in India.

KUV Xtreme

mahindra kuv xtreme

The Mahindra KUV100 is the baby in the UV maker’s lineup. Despite being a whole lot smaller than its siblings, the KUV100 still attracts buyers looking for a small and muscular SUV. At the 2018 Auto Expo, Mahindra showcased the KUV Xtreme, a custom built KUV100 that looks like it would brutalise anything that dares come in front of it. With its extremely butch styling package which includes a beefier front bumper coupled with a large skid plate up front, flared wheel arches black plastic cladding, and rear diffuser, it looks the part of a rough and mean dune basher. Also present is a wider track, larger wheels and tyres, a twin-exhaust system and a matte orange paint job. This KUV100 is not one for the faint-hearted.

TUV Armour

mahindra tuv armour

The TUV Armour is a custom take on Mahindra’s tank of an SUV, the TUV300, that is the brainchild of the company’s customization department. The Armour is a regular KUV with a whole load of custom accessories and cladding added on, something that transforms this SUV into a vehicle ready to go to war. The TUV Armour was the first custom SUV of its type in the sub-4-metre compact SUV segment.

Thar Daybreak

mahindra thar daybreak

The Thar Daybreak is a heavily customised version of the Thar which was first seen at the 2016 Auto Expo in Greater Noida. The Daybreak gets a host of cosmetic upgrades like DRLs up front and LED taillamps at the rear and redesigned doors. There are numerous add-ons including a factory-fitted wrench bolted onto a custom front bumper, a hood scoop and a raised ground clearance.

Thar Wanderlust

mahindra thar wanderlust

The Thar Wanderlust is a tweaked version of the Daybreak edition Thar and was showcased at Auto Expo 2018 in February. The Wanderlust is Mr Hyde to the Daybreak edition’s Dr Jekyll with its gullwing rear doors, new front grille, custom fenders extra-wide tyres and an electric matte blue paint job. Add in the winch and custom twin exhaust setup and this Thar is one that really stands out from the crowd.

Scorpio Darkhorse

mahindra scorpio darkhorse

Scorpio Darkhorse gets a more rugged look compared to the regular SUV. The Darkhorse gets a boxy wire-mesh grille, custom three-pod headlamps, and a custom bumper that sports two fog lamps, along with big intakes on top of the bonnet. The Darkhorse sports a matte grey paint job with a few orange highlights.

Scorpio Extreme 
mahindra scorpio extreme

Scorpio Extreme gives the boxy SUV a dual cab pickup truck look. Adding to the butch looks of the Scorpio is the plastic cladding on the wheel arches and bumpers and auxiliary lamps fitted to a metal bar mounted on the front bumper. Other mods up this Extreme Scorpio pickup include a sunroof, custom roof rails and bright yellow custom paint scheme.

Scorpio Mountaineer 

mahindra scorpio mountaineer
The Scorpio Mountaineer looks like a mashup of the Darkhorse and the Extreme. The Mountaineer gets a new front grille and three-pod headlamps with a single cab pickup truck body painted grey with red highlights. However, the Mountaineer adds on a host of even more custom kit including deep dish alloy wheels clad with off-roading tyres along with bumper mounted towing rings, side scoops, a CRC steel rear metal bumper and a snorkel. Oh and there’s a pickaxe mounted on its side.

Bolero Attitude

mahindra bolero attitude

The Bolero Attitude is exactly what its nameplate says it is, a Bolero with an attitude. The Bolero Attitude features a single-cab pickup truck body with tripod projectors, custom grille and front bumper with towing rings, hood scoop, quad auxiliary lights mounted on the roof and a snorkel and a pickaxe mounted on the side.  Its bright orange paint job is contrasted by the black cladding, with the interiors featuring a reverse of the exterior colour palette, black with orange highlights.

Bolero Stinger

mahindra bolero stinger

The Mahindra Stinger badge has been placed on multiple Bolero-based custom jobs. This one is based on an older Bolero and features round headlamps and indicators (replacing the boxy rectangular units on the regular car), a chunky dual tone bumper and four foglamps near the registration plate housing. Adding to the modified look is a custom front bonnet, faux air vents on the fenders and a dual cab pickup body.

Bolero Stinger II

mahindra bolero stinger ii

This Stinger is based on a newer version of the Bolero. While the front-end looks familiar, the bonnet features a host of faux air vents and sitting just above the windshield are four warning lights. The dual cab body is painted in a fetching shade of blue and the pickup features multiple pieces of plastic cladding which give it a rather distinct look. The Stinger II also sports a snazzy set of alloys which seem to be the only shiny bit on this custom pickup truck.