10 ‘dangerous’ car accessories that are best avoided

In India, people buy crores worth of aftermarket car accessories each year. But are all these accessories safe? That’s one question not many ask before buying these accessories. We list out 10 popular car accessories that can prove downright dangerous. These accessories are best avoided.


10 ‘dangerous’ car accessories that are best avoided

A sunroof conveys a feeling of luxury and freedom, and a lot of buyers are attracted to cars having this feature. However, most budget cars don’t have a sunroof, making buyers opt for aftermarket units. Well, that’s not a smart thing to do, especially keeping passenger safety in mind.

Aftermarket sunroofs can compromise the car’s structural strength. On the other hand, the factory fitted sunroof has the carmaker taking care of engineering the car’s roof in such a way that structural safety isn’t compromised.


10 ‘dangerous’ car accessories that are best avoided

The Supreme Court of India has banned sunfilm, that too in a hot country like ours. And people have taken to installing curtains on their cars.

Curtains serve two purposes. 1. Privacy guaranteed and 2. Keeps out the direct sun. Such curtains also serious compromise visibility. This can cause accidents as the driver won’t be able to spot many obstacles with the curtains in place.

Suspension/body lift kits

10 ‘dangerous’ car accessories that are best avoided

A car/SUV’s ride height is a crucial parameter that determines how the vehicle will behave on the road, and off it. Off roading enthusiasts install suspension/body lift kits, allowing the vehicle to clear many obstacles with ease. However, this mod that works very well off road could lead to a rollover accident on the road. Then there’s the other issue of insurance no longer being applicable in such cases as the vehicle’s characteristics have been significantly changed with this modification.

LED light bar

10 ‘dangerous’ car accessories that are best avoided

The LED light bar, especially one mounted higher than the headlamps, is illegal. Regardless of this, a lot of car and SUV owners have been adding this accessory to their vehicles. While a light bar gives the driver of the vehicle superb visibility, it can also end up blinding oncoming traffic. Naturally, an accident can follow. This is another accessory that is best avoided while using the vehicle on-road. A covered LED light bar for off road use is fine though.

Fog/shrill horns

10 ‘dangerous’ car accessories that are best avoided


Fog horns, also known as shrill horns, are also illegal. The only purpose of these horns is to startle fellow motorists and pedestrians. And startled fellow motorists don’t make for the best company. There have been many accidents caused due to such shrill horns. Avoid it!