Body kits add a personal touch to the car and make it look more appealing. There are different levels of body kits that are on offer. Some are subtle ones that not many people will notice and then there are some that are so badass that they become head turners. Here are 10 such badass body kits.

Maruti Swift

kit 1a

We have always mentioned that the Swift is India’s much loved car for modifications. Since it is a global product which is affordable, a lot of people have it. The Swift was the first sporty hatch which had a very wide appeal. Also it was among the first cars which had Indian engineers work on the global product.

Since the Swift is a popularly modded car, finding different examples of them is easy. This Swift here has been done by 313 Motoring. Changes include an all-new front bumper/grille, which is a lot more angry looking. It has new clear headlamps with projectors on offer too.

The bumper houses a splitter and canards on the side. The car has been finished in a bright blue shade and has black accents, like the roof, bonnet and mirrors. On the side, the car only has new deep-dish alloy wheels and side skirts. At the back there is a new bumper with added muscle. It has a large diffuser with dual exhaust pipes on either side.

kit 1

Chevrolet Cruze

kit 4

Like the Swift mentioned above, the Cruze too is an enthusiast friendly car with a lot of mod jobs being based on the Cruze. Since the Cruze was placed at the higher end of the spectrum, it didn’t have the craze of the Swift, however it is still a popularly modded car. The Cruze here has been given a heavy make over.

The changes have added a lot of muscle to the car. There is a wide body kit which has been installed giving it a menacing stance, a new front bumper that looks inspired by the BMW M3/M4 one and a new grille and bonnet. The headlamps have dual LED DRLs and have been updated. The car has LED DRLs on the bumper too. The side has new air vent near the fender and a new bumper at the back.

Honda City

kit 7

The Honda City has had its fair share of mod jobs. While the second gen Type-Z had a lot of fans, the ANHC too managed to rope in a few enthusiasts. This City belongs to one such enthusiast. The City features a massive wide body kit with muscular front and rear fenders. The other changes include a new custom red paint shade, new deep dish alloys finished in chrome, a new bonnet with air vents and a new grille and edgy bumper.

Chevrolet Beat

kit 6

While the Beat is a nice product, it is quiet understated in the Indian market. You will not see a lot of them on the Indian roads as well. The Beat became famous for being in the Transformers movie and hence mod jobs are a plenty for this vehicle. This one here features a custom wide body kit.

kit 6a

In addition to that, there is a new grille, new smoked headlamps, a new bumper and LED DRLs on the bumper. The car has been lowered too and has a new rear diffuser which looks sporty.

Toyota Camry

kit 9

The Camry is not a car you would think to find on such a story. The Camry has always been a stately car used by executives who wanted to arrive in style and luxury. This one here takes the style part to an all-new level. This Camry has a custom body kit which includes a new loud bumper that has LED DRLs on the sides, a new grille which has been blacked out and a new front splitter to round up the front. The car now sits on massive rims too.

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