10 features that MUST be standard in every car

Indian car laws are still evolving. There is no standard rule on the basic features that a car should come with as of now. While the Govt. of India has implemented a law which will make dual airbags, ABS and seat belt warning as standard features in all cars from October 2018, there are many other basic features that should be made standard in all vehicles for the convenience of the occupants. Here 10 such features that should be standard in every car.

One touch down mirrors

10 features that MUST be standard in every car

While it is not an engineering marvel to tinker the electronics and add the feature, many manufacturers just skip it altogether even if the car features power windows.

One touch down windows are a great relief for people who use the highways often. Indian highways are full of toll booths and paying becomes much more easier if the window takes care of itself.

Adjustable Steering

10 features that MUST be standard in every car

Almost all manufacturers provide fix steering wheel in the lower variants of their cars. The driver has to adjust to the fixed position of the steering and sometimes it becomes very annoying. Proving a steering wheel which can be adjusted for tilt and telescopically provide the best driving position for the driver. Better driving position translates into better concentration on the road.

Adjustable Seat height

10 features that MUST be standard in every car

All humans are not of same height. Manufacturers often take a standard height and fix the seat height accordingly without giving any option to adjust the seat height. Many shorter people find it difficult to reach the pedals, while few taller people find their head touching on the ceiling of the car. A simple seat height adjustment feature can solve the problem and provide better ergonomics to the driver. Better seating posture will also means that the driver does not becomes tired too quickly during long distance routes.

Adjustable seat belts

10 features that MUST be standard in every car

Adjustable seat belts are very necessary for the safety of the passengers. Every three-point seat belt should cross the shoulder of the passenger. If the belt does not touch the shoulder, it becomes very less effective and often disastrous during accidents. Seat belt height adjuster will solve the problem for any human.

Fog lamps

10 features that MUST be standard in every car

Fog lamps increase the visibility dramatically during foggy situations. The fog lamps are situated close to the ground and the light does not reflect back into the eyes, giving a better view of the road during low visibility conditions. Manufacturers miss out the feature to save on the cost on the lower variants but given the usability of the fog lamps they should be made standard in every variant of the car.

10 features that everyone should be standard in every car