10 features you wished every Indian car had

Driving in India is very different from driving in the western countries where the majority of the cars are developed. Indian cars have common features shared with the western nations, where driving is much saner and safer. But what if manufacturers decide to make India-specific features. These are ten features that we wish were mandatory in the Indian cars.

Seatbelt behind the detector

10 features you wished every Indian car had

The Indian drivers, especially the ones who operate cabs act very smart. Even though the newer cars come with seatbelt warning, the drivers act smart to put the buckle on the seat belt lock from behind their back. This way, they shut up the buzzer and bypass the safety.

There should be a device that will detect this smartness or breach on the seat belt and should continue to buzz till the driver puts it in the right way. Now that will piss off many drivers, but the number of fatalities due to accidents will come down considerably.

Honking limited to 2 times per km

10 features you wished every Indian car had

Major Indian cities suffer from noise pollution at a great level. Even silent zones suffer from the continuous honks. A device that activates the horn for only 2 seconds per kilometer would be apt for the Indian cars. If the horns are not used, they won’t be carried over to the next kilometer too. This will discourage the drivers from honking and feeling like Mosses in the sea of cars.

Automatic low beam

10 features you wished every Indian car had

Now, this is a technology that is available in the high-end cars. Indian drivers, who hate to operate the low-beam and high-beam stock and leave the beam on high will benefit a lot from this technology. Driving on two-lane highways and city roads without dividers is a pain because of the high-beam menace. This device will make sure that drivers are stress-free and drive without any glare.

Waiting in the middle of the road warning

10 features you wished every Indian car had

Many cars forget that the road is also used by many other motorists. Such people stand in the middle of the road doing their daily chores like ordering a paan from the corner shop. A device that detects if the car is stopped in the middle of the road while there are no cars at the front would help the situation a lot. A buzzer attached to such a device will continuously beep to the driver suggesting that he should move ahead would solve a lot of a lot of traffic jams.

Pothole Detector

10 features you wished every Indian car had


The navigation system was developed to make sure that the user gets on the fastest route to reach the destination. The system, however, does not take a note of the pot-hole friendly Indian roads. The surprised driver suddenly feels the rattles and the shakes.

There should be a pothole detector that also considers the potholes of the roads and tells the driver about the current condition. The navigation also should get features that will tell the users about how broken the path is and should calculate the time to destination accordingly.

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